How To Maintain Company Culture Remotely

A lively, interactive culture is fundamental to maintaining a company's success. It's difficult to reconstruct and reorganize everything to suit our post-pandemic lifestyle and work habits, but not impossible.

If you've been struggling to effectively maintain your team's morale and cohesiveness, these tips on how to maintain your company culture remotely can help.

Company Newsletter

A company-wide newsletter, delivered through your employees’ work email, is the perfect way to keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings.

Include recent achievements—not just the company's, but its employees. Commend individuals that went above and beyond, took on interesting opportunities, or secured a promotion.

Additionally, if you have established brand new goals for the company, make them clear.

Leave a section for less serious topics, too. Interview your employees on things like sports, the holidays, or recent events, and highlight their comments. Furthermore, congratulate your team on personal achievements or milestones, such as engagements, weddings, or a recent move.

All-Hands Meeting

Hosting virtual all-hands meetings is another great way to keep your employees informed. Let everyone know about important milestones, upcoming dates, alterations to the company policy, and more.

If you can, use this time to also address employee feedback. Send out surveys and go over the results during the meeting. By discovering what's been troubling your employees, making everyone aware of the issue, and planning out a clear, concise means of dealing with it, you can potentially get ahead of problems before they become bigger issues.

This is also the perfect time to ask them questions about remote work. Is everyone adapting well? What changes can the company make to facilitate a healthy, productive work environment? Are there any issues with the technology or equipment? How can we help?

After-Hour Socials

Another tip on how to maintain your company culture remotely is to host exciting after-hour socials.

If you're looking for a great way to get everyone together for fun, stress-free activities, plan some virtual, after-hour socials. Have a game night, paint night, or instructive classes, like a meditation session or cooking how-to. If you can find a way to execute it virtually, it works!

There are also streaming services where multiple people can get together, watch a movie, and chat. Feel like playing some games together? Try something that's multi-player. To ensure everyone can join in, pick something that's free to play, like online versions of Pictionary, Monopoly, or Uno.

Your employees are part of your family. So, not being able to see and interact with them in-person is difficult for all involved. But making these simple adjustments can help you maintain your company’s open, fun, and supportive environment, all from the safety and comfort of home. By sending out newsletters, holding informative meetings, and taking the time to chat, have fun, and relax after work, you’ll be able to keep everyone informed, maintain important work relationships, and ensure your company’s culture stays intact.

Future Planning

The pandemic doesn’t need to put your business dreams on hold. Use this time to plan for the future and show your employees that you care. Be proactive and take steps to improve your company from the inside out, both in terms of company culture and the atmosphere of your workspace. Now is the perfect time to plan a bit of light construction or TLC for your office, particularly if most of your employees are currently working remotely. This will give the entire team something to look forward to upon return. When it comes time to outfit your new and improve space, visit Rework.

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