28 products

    28 products
    Table USB Power Clamp Mount - Used
    $330.00 Sale price $30.00
    SKU: RW-AC-3066
    Current Stock: 117
    Merryfair Ovo Task Chair, White - Preowned
    $700.00 $210.00
    SKU: MF-TC-2716
    Current Stock: 11
    Humanscale Dual M/Flex Monitor Arm - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: HS-AC-2749
    Current Stock: 58
    Safavieh Dublin Tub Chair, Brown - Preowned
    $750.00 $225.00
    SKU: SV-LS-2715
    Current Stock: 2
    Metal Arc Freestanding Box/Box/File - New
    $679.00 from $203.70
    SKU: PFS27h18d-BBF
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    Humanscale M2 single monitor arm - Preowned
    $400.00 $120.00
    SKU: HS-AC-2750
    Current Stock: 14
    Flikk - Training Table Base Only- 48 - New CLOSEOUT
    $330.00 $99.00
    SKU: CL-TT-2767
    Current Stock: 16
    Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: RW-SL-2764
    Current Stock: 2
    Modern Glass Table w/Chrome Base - Preowned
    $1,500.00 $450.00
    SKU: RW-CO-2536
    Current Stock: 1
    42" Round Glass Occasional Table - Preowned
    $1,200.00 Sale price $240.00
    SKU: RW-CF-5233
    Current Stock: 1
    Mobile Fabric Easel - Preowned
    $400.00 Sale price $99.00
    SKU: RW-AC-3073
    Current Stock: 7
    Rework Large Square 20"x20" Pillow - New CLOSEOUT
    $130.00 $39.00
    SKU: RW-AC-1003
    Current Stock: 1
    Rework Small Square 14"x14" Pillow - New CLOSEOUT
    $90.00 $27.00
    SKU: RW-AC-1001
    Current Stock: 28
    Phase Design Half & Half Coffee Table, Black - Preowned
    $3,000.00 $900.00
    SKU: PD-CO-2572
    Current Stock: 1
    Howe Simpla Folding Table, Maple - Preowned
    $2,439.00 Sale price $600.00
    SKU: HO-TT-2641
    Current Stock: 13
    High Back Armchair with Lumbar Cushion, Purple - Preowned
    $1,800.00 $540.00
    SKU: RW-LS-2670
    Current Stock: 2
    Wood Occasional Table w/ Power
    $1,398.00 Sale price $390.00
    SKU: RW-ST-2344
    Current Stock: 1
    Rework Private Office Desk - New
    Rework Private Office Desk - New
    Rework Private Office Desk - New CLOSEOUT
    $4,963.00 $1,489.00
    SKU: S6002
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    Repurpose. Refurbish. Reimagine.

    Your world, your workplace, our creative ingenuity. At Rework we see the best in everything and know how to bring it back to life. Through smart design, quality craftsmanship and creative ingenuity, Rework takes pre-owned office furniture with experience and gives it a promotion! Rework enhances the entire furniture lifecycle through its repurposing and refurbishing process.

    Rework is a full-service corporate facilities resource. Our corporate asset service model assists the client through all phases of the furniture lifecycle. Nationwide, coast to coast and everywhere in between, there isn’t a market or workplace we cannot reach. Rework is headquartered in Chicago, IL with additional office and warehouse facilities nationwide.

    Out with the old, in with the renewed.

    Make room for the possibility of a workplace programmed and tailored specifically to your organization. Rework helps you balance and blend existing furniture with new, pre-owned, and refurbished products to create a uniquely different and sustainable solution. Visit our 300,000 SF facility in Chicago, IL and see for yourself, or let your fingers do the walking and explore our extensive on-line inventory.

    Rework is a business built on sustainability. Since 1993 Rework has been repurposing, refurbishing and refreshing office furniture and “Greening-Up” workplaces across the country!

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