Delivery & Installation


Furniture Delivery & Installation

Rework's office furniture delivery and installation team puts the customer first. We work on your schedule and budget to make sure that your project gets done - and done right.

Allowing our team to handle your Chicago office furniture delivery and installation provides the peace of mind that your investment is handled professionally.

Logistics Management for New and Refurbished Office Furniture and Equipment

For startups to medium-sized businesses, let Rework handle the logistics of your office furniture delivery and installation in Chicago. We have the experience, equipment, and supplies necessary to safely deliver your set of office furniture and equipment to your office. Depending on if you are in a transitional period, we will coordinate with you to have furniture delivered and installed in your current or new facility.

All items are handled with professionalism and care from our warehouse to their final destination. We are expertly equipped to handle complex, multifaceted office installation projects. Our team works swiftly to set up your desired layout and quickly clean up excess debris and packaging.

Furniture Pickup

Looking for old furniture to be cleared away in preparation for your new delivery? Let us help during your consultation. We work with each and every client to provide all-inclusive services to reimagine their workplace. This includes fine details such as dealing with current furniture, multiple locations, and sensitive timeframes.

Each Service is Customized to the Needs of Your Office

If you have any questions concerning how our office furniture delivery and installations in Chicago are handled, please let us know. Often, each delivery and installation service is unique to each business. The most reliable way in which to obtain specific details is to discuss your situation with our team.