Mid-Century Modern

27 products

    27 products
    Allermuir Bar Height Stool, Brown - Preowned
    $400.00 $120.00
    SKU: AL-SL-2746
    Current Stock: 22
    The Table by Floyd, Pink - Preowned
    $4,200.00 $1,200.00
    SKU: FL-DT-2341
    Current Stock: 5
    Kimball Alumma Conference Chair, White - Preowned
    $1,800.00 $540.00
    SKU: KB-CC-2583
    Current Stock: 4
    Safavieh Dublin Tub Chair, Brown - Preowned
    $750.00 $225.00
    SKU: SV-LS-2715
    Current Stock: 4
    Harter Forum Seat Lounge Chair - Grey - Preowned
    $1,500.00 $450.00
    SKU: HR-LS-2445
    Current Stock: 2
    Harter Forum Lounge Chair, Navy - Preowned
    $1,500.00 $450.00
    SKU: HR-LS-2464
    Current Stock: 1
    OFS Rowen Lounge Chair, Grey - Preowned
    $2,800.00 $840.00
    SKU: OFS-LS-2726
    Current Stock: 2
    Frost Jet
    Compel Mojo Mod Conference Chair - New
    $450.00 from $225.00
    Current Stock: 305
    Compel Draper Ottoman, Graphite - New
    $819.00 $409.50
    Current Stock: 3
    Compel Hudson Lounge Chair - New
    $800.00 $400.00
    Current Stock: 83
    Vecta Wilkhahn Conference Chair, Black - Preowned
    $1,200.00 $300.00
    SKU: VC-CC-2516
    Current Stock: 3
    Stylex NYC Loose Sectional - Preowned
    $15,000.00 Sale price $4,200.00
    SKU: ST-LS-2282
    Current Stock: 1
    Stylex Nestle Guest Chair, Brown - Preowned
    $1,500.00 Sale price $390.00
    SKU: ST-GC-2557
    Current Stock: 1
    National Hobsen Lounge Chair, Green - Preowned
    $3,500.00 $1,050.00
    SKU: NA-LS-2635
    Current Stock: 1
    Kimball Interwoven Wilder Lounge Chair, Grey - New
    $5,000.00 $1,500.00
    SKU: KB-LS-2661
    Current Stock: 1
    Etc. Deker Side Chair, Grey - Preowned
    $800.00 $240.00
    SKU: ETC-SI-2666
    Current Stock: 2
    Erik Jorgensen Insula Coffee Table, Small - Preowned
    $2,550.00 $750.00
    SKU: EJ-CO-2444
    Current Stock: 1
    Coalesse Bob Lounge Chair - Grey - Used
    $4,000.00 $1,200.00
    SKU: CO-LS-1861
    Current Stock: 1
    Bernhardt Design b.2 Lounge Chair, Charcoal - Preowned
    $5,100.00 $1,500.00
    SKU: BH-LS-2526
    Current Stock: 2
    Andreu World Lineal Corporate Lounge Chair - Preowned
    $1,300.00 $240.00
    SKU: AW-LS-1432
    Current Stock: 2
    Allermuir Kin Side Chair, Grey - Preowned
    $1,600.00 $480.00
    SKU: AL-SI-2655
    Current Stock: 11

    Mid-Century Modern Office Furniture

    Mid-century modern never goes out of style, and that’s why we go well out of our way to acquire the most iconic of new, used, and refurbished office furniture classics and collectibles. Our mid-century modern office furniture includes desks, chairs, reception, lighting, and more. All of our used and refurbished classic office furniture is timeless and top quality, while remaining budget-friendly; allowing businesses of all levels the ability to incorporate these classic looks. Rework’s Designers are experts at complementing mid-century office furnishings with other styles from our vast inventory. Complement any of our modern office desks and chairs with other types of furniture in our inventory.

    Our mid-century modern office furniture inventories are continually evolving, so if you see something you like, be sure to call and reserve it. To take a closer look at all our office furniture, visit our Chicago showroom today.

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