4 Ways To Improve Your Office Lounge Area

Nov 2, 2023
4 Ways To Improve Your Office Lounge Area

One often overlooked aspect of office design is the lounge area. However, it's an essential element in the overall makeup of any office. A well-designed and furnished lounge area can lead to more relaxed employees, better team building, and increased productivity. An office lounge area can also serve as a space that employees can use to recharge and relax while on break. Here are four ways to improve your office lounge area and ensure your team can make the most of this space.

Incorporate Comfortable Furniture

The first thing to consider while designing the lounge area is comfortable seating. After all, the purpose of these rooms is to allow employees to relax and decompress from the stressors of their workday. Incorporating quality seating that still provides ergonomic support is a great first step in ensuring everyone stays comfortable. Opting for durable, even “contract-grade” pieces will ensure they’ll last for years to come.

Provide Options for Entertainment

When busy employees aren’t given an outlet for taking a quick break to recharge, productivity levels can decrease. It’s vital that employees are offered options, and a lot of businesses accomplish this by offering a breakout room for employees to relax. Whether it be watching a bit of TV or playing a game, these entertainments take the mind off work and allow employees to relax. An added bonus is that these spaces have dual benefits: they give employees a place to re-energize and simultaneously build workplace camaraderie. To make this upgrade even more impactful, consider asking your team what they’d like to have included within the space!

Introduce Elements of Nature

Another way to improve your office lounge area is to integrate natural elements within the design. Greenery helps create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that helps staff re-energize during breaks. A potted plant or a few fresh flowers adds to the overall aesthetic while also purifying the air and allowing the team to breathe easier. These updates will greatly improve the overall look and feel of your workspace while also making it a physically healthier place to work.

Keep It Clean and Tidy

No one wants to use a cluttered lounge area. Ensuring that your office lounge is always clean and tidy maximizes your team’s comfort, making it easier for them to relax. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also guarantee that the lounge maintains its look for a long time. So not only will the space offer great functionality, but it will also be an attractive selling point for new hires.

With these suggestions, you can provide your employees with an ideal lounge area to recharge, collaborate, and relax. Consider reusing pre-owned furniture from Rework Office Furniture to reduce your environmental impact and to have a great-looking space at a fraction of the cost. You can also work with our team of talented office space planning consultants to further discuss how to make your office lounge the best it can be. Together, we can craft the perfect space for your employees to unwind.