9 products

    9 products
    Coalesse Millbrae Armless Sofa, Navy Blue - Preowned
    $4,200.00 $1,200.00
    SKU: CO-LS-2589
    Current Stock: 1
    Steelcase Coalesse SW_1 Lounge Chair W/Tablet, Green - Preowned
    $2,592.00 $600.00
    SKU: CO-LS-2769
    Current Stock: 4
    Coalesse Bindu Side Chair, Black - Preowned
    $1,200.00 $360.00
    SKU: CO-SI-1522
    Current Stock: 16
    Coalesse Enea Lottus Side Chair, White - Preowned
    $501.00 Sale price $99.00
    SKU: CO-SC-1895
    Current Stock: 5
    Coalesse Bob Lounge Chair - Grey - Used
    $4,000.00 $1,200.00
    SKU: CO-LS-1861
    Current Stock: 1
    Coalesse Sidewalk Lounge Chair - Preowned
    $2,000.00 Sale price $150.00
    SKU: CO-LS-1694
    Current Stock: 1
    Coalesse Diekman Occasional Table - Preowned
    $2,334.00 Sale price $540.00
    SKU: CO-CO-5265
    Current Stock: 1

    Refurbished and Used Coalesse Office Furniture

    Coalesse is a division of Steelcase and creates products with the goal of encouraging collaboration. Coalesse is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their design headquarters in San Francisco and their main Coalesse furniture showroom located in theMart in Chicago. In our own Chicagoland-based showroom, we offer refurbished and used Coalesse office furniture.

    Coalesse launched in June 2008 at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Chicago. It is a combination of Steelcase’s Brayton, Metro, and Vecta brands, but also includes pieces made by Carl Hansen & Son, Walter Knoll AG & Co., Viccarbe, and PP Mobler. Their original Coalesse furniture brand focus was on designing office and home furniture that appeals to what the company called "live/work lifestyles, but later shifted their focus away from creating home-oriented pieces toward creating more work-oriented pieces." You’ll see this reflected in our used Coalesse chairs and seating collection online and in person at our Chicagoland showroom.

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