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    28 products

    Office Breakroom & Café Furniture

    Creating a welcoming breakroom or café space is essential when your team needs to unwind and refuel during busy workdays. With Rework’s diverse collection of durable and chic new and used office café and breakroom furniture, you can create a space that meets functional needs and enhances comfort and style. Our selection of office breakroom furniture and café furniture includes a range of stylish designs, from inviting seating options to appealing tables for socialization,  that breathe new life into the space, maximizing comfort and fostering relaxation. 

    At Rework, café and breakroom furniture enhances office spaces and also finds versatile applications in educational institutions, hospitality settings, healthcare facilities, amenity spaces, and public sector environments. Whether providing comfortable seating in school lounges, adding functionality to hospital reception and waiting rooms, or offering a stylish relaxation spot in hotel lobbies, our durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions cater to the diverse needs of any busy communal area. These adaptable furnishings also support the dynamic atmospheres of corporate collaborative spaces and community centers, ensuring durability, comfort, and style wherever they are placed.

    Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and functionality with our multi-functional, ergonomically designed breakroom chairs and tables, available at competitive prices. Since we source preowned used cafe chairs and furniture and expertly refurbish them, you can enjoy top-quality breakroom furniture pieces at up to 70% off the cost of buying new. To see our full selection and experience the quality firsthand, visit our showroom or schedule a virtual visit. Browse our extensive collection of gently used breakroom and café furniture today, and take a significant step towards enhancing social spaces in your workplace.

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