36 products

    36 products
    Allermuir Bar Height Stool, Brown - Preowned
    $400.00 $120.00
    SKU: AL-SL-2746
    Current Stock: 4
    Emeco Su Bar Height Stool, Charcoal - Preowned
    $801.00 Sale price $180.00
    SKU: EM-SL-2434
    Current Stock: 18
    The Table by Floyd, 79in, Blush - Preowned
    $4,200.00 Sale price $900.00
    SKU: FL-DT-2341
    Current Stock: 4
    Jane Hamley Wells NORD 4 Leg Chair - New CLOSEOUT
    $903.00 $93.00
    SKU: JHW-NORD-2-172
    Current Stock: 1
    Teknion NAMI Sled Base Cafe Stool, Red - Preowned
    $683.00 $120.00
    SKU: TK-SL-2774
    Current Stock: 6
    Teknion NAMI Sled Base Cafe Chair, Red - Preowned
    $455.00 $99.00
    SKU: TK-SB-2773
    Current Stock: 19
    Stylex Avo Toned Walnut Armless Chair - Preowned
    SKU: ST-SC-2754
    Current Stock: 12
    Jane Hamley Wells Ekay Side Chair - New Closeout
    $1,000.00 $102.00
    Current Stock: 1
    Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: RW-SL-2764
    Current Stock: 2
    Jane Hamley Wells Round Glass Table For Cake Sectional - New CLOSEOUT
    $800.00 $201.00
    SKU: JHW-CK-01
    Current Stock: 1
    Jane Hamley Wells KURF Triangular high table - New CLOSEOUT
    $2,491.00 $252.00
    SKU: JHW-KF-8710
    Current Stock: 1
    Herman Miller Aeron Size B Side Chair, Black - Preowned
    $1,950.00 $585.00
    SKU: HM-SI-2734
    Current Stock: 9
    Herman Miller Caper Stool - Preowned
    $500.00 Sale price $150.00
    SKU: HM-SL-1701
    Current Stock: 4
    Herman Miller Caper Side Chair, Black - Preowned
    $450.00 $135.00
    SKU: HM-SI-2710
    Current Stock: 1
    SitOnIt Lumin Counter Height Stool, Grey - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: SOI-SL-2728
    Current Stock: 10
    Black White
    Compel Konnekt Stackable Stool - New
    $300.00 $98.00
    Current Stock: 232
    Allermuir Kin Side Chair, Grey - Preowned
    $1,600.00 $480.00
    SKU: AL-SI-2655
    Current Stock: 7
    Allermuir Kojak Barstool, Black - Preowned
    $970.00 Sale price $180.00
    SKU: AL-SL-1557
    Current Stock: 5
    Stylex Sled Base Stack Chair, Red - Preowned
    $600.00 Sale price $150.00
    SKU: ST-SC-2490
    Current Stock: 9
    Allermuir Kin Barstool, Red - Preowned
    $801.00 Sale price $150.00
    SKU: AR-SL-2102
    Current Stock: 5
    Coalesse Enea Lottus Side Chair, White - Preowned
    $501.00 Sale price $99.00
    SKU: CO-SC-1895
    Current Stock: 5
    Grey Ash Cafe White
    Compel Pivit Round Conference Table - New
    $675.00 $337.50
    Current Stock: 6

    Office Café Furniture

    When your busy team needs to take a break to refuel, it’s vital that they have a space where they can do that comfortably. With our collection of new and used office café furniture, you can accomplish that and so much more. While regular office dining furniture can seem generic or expensive, Rework Office Furniture goes the extra mile to acquire new and secondhand breakroom furniture for offices. Our office breakroom furniture offers a diverse range of stylish designs to breathe new life into your breakroom while providing comfort to maximize relaxation. Because we acquire these pieces pre-owned and refurbish them, you can buy them from us for a fraction of the cost of getting them new. Shop here to learn more about our office café furniture selection.

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