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    11 products

    Commercial Outdoor Furniture for Your Workspace

    Enjoy a world of outdoor relaxation and comfort with our diverse range of outdoor office furniture. Creating the right outdoor environment that engages visitors and accentuates your brand requires the right furnishings. From sleek stacking chairs that offer both style and practicality to luxurious lounge chairs that encourage you to unwind, our outdoor workspace furniture is curated to create a tranquil and inviting ambiance in any outdoor setting. Pair these comfortable seating options with stylish space-saving high tables or convenient coffee and side tables to complement your chosen aesthetic perfectly. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of round tables, the modern appeal of square designs, or the unique flair of triangle and sphere tables, we have the commercial outdoor furniture selection available at up to 70% to elevate your outdoor gatherings.

    In addition to enhancing formal workspaces, our outdoor work furniture is equally suited to the most discerning commercial, hospitality, and multi-family residential applications. Whether it's enhancing the ambiance of a bustling workspace café patio or adding functionality to communal spaces in residential complexes, our furnishings seamlessly integrate into diverse settings. Create a serene retreat in a hotel courtyard or a workspace oasis; our patio office furniture pieces deliver comfort, style, and durability in any setting. 

    Rework proudly offers renowned Jane Hamley Wells outdoor furniture, ensuring that each piece upholds high standards for performance and design. As with all of our furniture collections, our inventory of outdoor furniture for business settings is consistently evolving. Be sure to browse our collection online, book a virtual appointment, or visit our Chicago showroom in person. Elevate your outdoor work environment with our range of commercial outdoor furniture, combining durability and style for optimal performance and comfort.

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