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31 products

    31 products
    Maple Desk Top - 48" X 24" - New CLOSEOUT
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: CC-WS-2378
    Current Stock: 3
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Midsize, Black, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2780
    Current Stock: 19
    White Desk Top - 72" x 24" - New CLOSEOUT
    $150.00 $45.00
    SKU: RW-WS-2760
    Current Stock: 31
    Whiteboard Desk Top - 58" X 29"
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: CC-WS-2380
    Current Stock: 72
    Grey Ash Cafe White
    Compel Pivit Media Table - New
    $578.00 from $289.00
    SKU: PIV-DSK-BUL-6630-GA
    Current Stock: 63
    OMT HAT - T Leg - 2 Leg, White, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    Current Stock: 42
    Altissimo Dual Sit-Stand Workstation, White - New CLOSEOUT
    $990.00 $297.00
    SKU: AT-AC-2690
    Current Stock: 7
    Compel 3 Leg Height Adjustable Base, Silver - New CLOSEOUT
    $1,900.00 $570.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2395
    Current Stock: 31
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Midsize, White, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2782
    Current Stock: 58
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Extended, Black, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2779
    Current Stock: 2
    Coalesse Akira Training/ Multipurpose Table - Preowned
    $950.00 $285.00
    SKU: CO-TT-2821
    Current Stock: 8
    Cafe Desk Top - 60" x 30" - New CLOSEOUT
    $267.00 $80.00
    SKU: RW-WS-2764
    Current Stock: 90
    White Desk Top - 48" x 24" - New CLOSEOUT
    $100.00 $30.00
    SKU: RW-WS-2759
    Current Stock: 226
    Grey Ash Desk Top - 48" x 30" - New CLOSEOUT
    $140.00 $42.00
    SKU: RW-WS-2758
    Current Stock: 59
    Finding the right home office desk is crucial for enhancing your work-from-home setup. Rework offers a stylish selection of new and used office desks for home tailored to your functional needs and personal style. Comfort and ergonomics play a significant role in selecting the best desk for you; our home office desks for sale include adjustable height options that promote healthy posture and increase comfort during long work hours. Rework allows you to invest in quality without overstretching your budget by featuring used home office desks available at up to 70% off retail prices.

    Our WFH desks cater to various preferences, from Compel Pivit Frame to standing desk options, ensuring optimal productivity and comfort. When selecting a new home office desk, it’s important to consider its compatibility with your preferred chair, the desk space you require, and how the desk aligns with your personal style. Whether you prefer minimalist designs or statement pieces, Rework lets you choose a work-from-home office desk setup that complements your aesthetic and enhances your workspace.

    Choosing from Rework's home office desk collection means opting for a comfortable, stylish work-from-home space. Remember to complete your setup with one of our ergonomic home office chairs, perfectly complementing our desk selections for ultimate productivity and comfort. Shop at Rework today and take the first step towards building your dream home office, where comfort, functionality, and style converge to support your best work.
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