Ergonomic Office Furniture

25 products

    25 products
    Merryfair Ovo Task Chair, White - Preowned
    $700.00 $210.00
    SKU: MF-TC-2716
    Current Stock: 10
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Midsize, Black, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2780
    Current Stock: 19
    Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair, Black - Preowned
    $2,300.00 $690.00
    SKU: HM-TC-2751
    Current Stock: 45
    Enwork Single Monitor Desk Mount - New CLOSEOUT
    $400.00 Sale price $99.00
    SKU: EW-AC-1926
    Current Stock: 115
    Humanscale Dual M/Flex Monitor Arm - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: HS-AC-2749
    Current Stock: 14
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Extended, Black, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2779
    Current Stock: 2
    StartTech Dual Clamp-on Monitor Arm, Black - Preowned
    $400.00 $120.00
    SKU: RW-AC-2870
    Current Stock: 171
    OMT HAT - T Leg - 2 Leg, White, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    Current Stock: 42
    WorkPro 1000 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: RW-TC-2802
    Current Stock: 2
    Silver White
    Compel Vertebrae Cable Manager - New- CLOSEOUT
    $87.00 $26.00
    SKU: CL-AC-2794
    Current Stock: 23
    Altissimo Dual Sit-Stand Workstation, White - New CLOSEOUT
    $990.00 $297.00
    SKU: AT-AC-2690
    Current Stock: 7
    Humanscale M2 Single Monitor Arm - Preowned
    $400.00 $120.00
    SKU: HS-AC-2750
    Current Stock: 14
    Compel 3 Leg Height Adjustable Base, Silver - New CLOSEOUT
    $1,900.00 $570.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2395
    Current Stock: 31
    Compel Single Monitor Arm - New
    $198.00 $48.00
    Current Stock: 317
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Midsize, White, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2782
    Current Stock: 58
    Compel Hilo Height Adjustable Desk, Walnut - Preowned
    $1,250.00 $375.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2894
    Current Stock: 121

    Ergonomic Office Furniture

    Rework offers a diverse selection of high-quality new and used ergonomic office furniture. Our ergonomic product range includes specialized items designed to prioritize your team’s safety by preventing strains associated with conventional workstation setups. Investing in ergonomic office furniture promotes better posture, reduces discomfort, and fosters a healthier, more comfortable workplace. This, in turn, enhances productivity by minimizing distractions caused by physical discomfort and fatigue. 

    Enhance your workplace with our range of ergonomic office equipment and accessories on sale for up to 70% off. From adjustable computer monitor arms to height-adjustable desks, our collection offers versatile solutions designed to promote comfort and efficiency. Explore our selection, which includes refurbished and used Herman Miller ergonomic chairs designed to cater to various preferences and budget requirements. Rework offers affordable ergonomic workstation equipment such as single and dual monitor arms, keyboards, and more to optimize your workspace. Ergonomic monitor arms are crucial as they offer adjustable positioning, reducing strain on the neck and eyes while promoting healthier posture throughout the workday. 

    All of our used ergonomic office equipment and supplies are in great condition. Ergonomic furniture, although an initial investment, offers long-term cost savings by decreasing the likelihood of work-related injuries and associated healthcare costs. It has also been found to improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism, leading to better overall cost-effectiveness for the company. Choosing ergonomic office furniture demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, boosting morale, job satisfaction, and overall happiness among employees, leading to increased loyalty, higher retention rates, and a positive company culture.

    Demonstrating an awareness of diverse workspace options - such as investing in inclusive office furniture, ergonomic chairs, and standing desks, with their adjustable features and adaptability - accommodates diverse body types and preferences. Customizable workstations assist in making employee’s work comfortable, which has been shown to enhance inclusivity and flexibility within the workplace. Investing in ergonomic solutions like these is an investment in your team's well-being and productivity. You can browse our complete inventory of ergonomic workstation products here or contact our team for more information on our offerings or book a virtual planning visit today. If you prefer an in-person experience, visit our showroom in the Chicagoland area to feel the comfort firsthand.
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