Schafer Condon Carter (SCC)

Schafer Condon Carter (SCC)

Project Details

Company Name: Schafer Condon Carter
Location: Chicago, IL
Space Type: Corporate Office, Marketing Agency

This project included decommissioning, moving/ logistics, design services, space planning, custom furniture, and new furniture selection. Rework’s project team moved efficiently and swiftly to guide the client on furniture selections to keep the project moving and delivered on time.

The Scope

Rework partnered with Eastlake Studio and J.C. Anderson on this project for Schafer Condon Carter (SCC), an award winning marketing agency based in Chicago’s buzzing Fulton Market district. Featuring decommissioning services and office move logistics— plus space planning and design support—for the new office, we were the perfect partner to take on this project.

The Process

Located within a boutique building in Chicago’s vibrant Fulton Market district, this concrete and glass office is beautifully outfitted with ample amenities and even a rooftop terrace. The client’s vision for the space was an eclectic mix of saturated hues and industrial accents, complementing and softening the exposed concrete. With a quick timeframe from award to installation, we wasted no time getting started. Offering a convenient, full-service solution ranging from decommissioning and office relocation services to design support and furniture procurement, we were the ideal candidate for a project of this scope.

Being a full-service furniture provider allowed us to manage decommissioning the old space and relocation logistics. After deciding which existing pieces would be liquidated and which could be repurposed, we started with space planning and design. Our goal was to furnish a space that represented the client’s creativity as well as the neighborhood. Selecting the perfect mix of new, custom, and pre-owned furniture was key to creating a truly unique environment, while staying on budget and hitting tight deadlines.

Visiting the new Teknion showroom so our client could “test drive” a few products just steps from SCC’s new space was the perfect start the furniture selection process. When possible, we always encourage clients to see and feel furniture firsthand. Teknion Cityline height-adjustable workstations were an ideal option for this footprint as they offer diverse configurations. Easily dressed up or down, this line of workstations blend seamlessly with a variety of layouts. Light wood laminate surface tops, ink blue hanging pegboards and earth-toned accessories exude an industrial, modern vibe perfect for our client.

Since we know how hard SCC works, we felt passionate about providing the perfect spot to recharge. It was important to choose something dynamic for the lounge areas, so Teknion Banqs banquette seating was selected because it accommodates an array of work styles. Whether it’s thoughtful, focused work or an ad hoc group meeting, these pieces enhance the functionality of a workspace and provide a flexible seating option and comfortable place to convene. Opting for upholstery in a sable hue adds warmth and natural color. When devising a color palette, we keep longevity in mind and select neutrals with tasteful, timeless accent colors.

The cafe and conference room areas are the heart and soul of this space giving us the opportunity to showcase something special in these heavy-traffic areas. When selecting finishes, we played off the proximity to Lake Michigan and the natural light pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling office windows. Partnering with our sister company, Custom Crafters, a variety of custom tables were designed with boatshaped tabletops finished in a light, coastal natural wood. Paired with National laminate bases, these custom tables pulled it all together and elevated the entire aesthetic of this lively workspace.

Using flexible furniture selections featuring a neutral color palette and pops of saturation ensures this office meets today’s needs but can evolve with the team. The end result is a space that our client can grow into and will enjoy for years to come. Our ability to curate a blend of new, custom, and pre-owned furniture is what makes our projects so unique, and this project was no exception. We are excited to see what the future holds for this talented client of ours!