7 Unique Ways To Celebrate Milestones in the Office

Feb 24, 2023

With a group of individuals gathered in the office, you can always find something to celebrate. Whether it’s a promotion, birthday or a recent change in marital status, finding ways to honor your team’s milestones is essential to making them feel appreciated and supported. We’ve rounded up some unique ways to celebrate milestones in the office so everyone feels more motivated to succeed.

Provide Stylish Company Apparel

To properly celebrate a company achievement like a work anniversary, nothing makes a person feel more appreciated than some branded company clothing. Whether it be a T-shirt or something as small and personalized as branded stationery, these small tokens instantly make a person feel like a part of the team. There’s no better way to demonstrate to your team that you’re proud to be part of the same organization and that you appreciate all that they do. Company clothing items are just as practical as they are meaningful—and even serve as a powerful branding and marketing tool for networking or sponsored events and offsite company gatherings.

Here’s some other useful merchandise to consider gifting to your team:

  • Branded water bottles
  • Hats or caps
  • Jackets or vests
  • Blankets
  • Computer bags or backpacks

Award Impromptu Half-Days or Days Off

You can also opt to reward your team for their hard work by giving them an impromptu half-day or day off. As dedicated as your team is to their work, time outside of the office is essential to their personal wellness and general happiness. Everyone loves getting to step away every now and then, and surprising employees with an early release can do wonders for employee morale. Additionally, this gift shows them that you care about the health and well-being of your team since you’re willing to allow them the time to care for themselves and their families.

Give More Personal Gifts

Giving your team members gifts can be a unique way to celebrate milestones in the office too. Just be sure that you make them a little bit more personal than the standard gift card. Customizing gifts with the individual’s name or giving them something small related to their interests can go a long way in showing them that you value them as a person. This is particularly important for personal events like a birthday. Furthermore, giving personalized awards that fully demonstrate a person’s achievements shows that you’re paying attention to your team and all they accomplish. When you listen to your team and give them something they’ll treasure, the celebration is sure to be a success.

Plan a Team-Building Outing

For larger team celebrations, outings can be a great way to bring some energy to the group. From going out for a nice lunch to participating in something more involved like an escape room, doing something fun together boosts team morale and helps everyone refresh their minds. Being able to step away from work for a while is the key to a successful celebration as it further encourages your team to have a great time and decompress from the day-to-day stress. With their minds off work, they’re free to be themselves and live in the moment. This can do wonders for their motivation and mental health come work time tomorrow.

Host a Breakfast or Lunch in the Cafe

If you’d rather keep things contained to the office, you have some additional options to consider. Bringing food in from a favorite local spot is a very effective yet simple way to encourage your team to let loose and have fun together. If you’re celebrating a specific person or a team, give them the option of choosing the cuisine. This is a great way to support your local community, too. Employees will feel extra special when they get to participate in the planning of their special breakfast or lunch. Nothing brings people together quicker than a delicious meal!

Replace Office Seating

Another effective thing you can do to celebrate your team and their accomplishments is to replace older chairs with more current models. While this might not seem like much of a reward, how comfortable your team members are can greatly affect how they feel in the office as a whole. Even the smallest aches can evolve into severe pain later in their career, and it can even worsen their mood while at work.

Work with an office furniture expert such as Rework to preselect a small handful of task seating available to employees on a milestone anniversary. Rework offers a large variety of moderately priced, pre-owned seating from brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth that would serve as the perfect chair upgrade for any employee. Our selection of refurbished Haworth office systems is especially popular for its ergonomic comfort and modern range of styles. Giving employees the power to choose their own chairs is a real treat and is sure to make the occasion one they’ll never forget.

Pursue an Office Redesign

For larger milestones, you may even want to consider a full-scale renovation of your office space. As your company continues growing, you’ll need new resources and more floor space to accommodate a larger team. Redesigns are exciting for everyone involved, and there are plenty of ways to involve the team in the decision-making process. Whether you’re enlisting their help in generating design ideas or simply want their input about productive necessities, asking for this feedback will keep them a part of the action. Renovations are definitely fun, but they can also present a challenge if you aren’t prepared. Working with a planning design expert is a great way to ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

If you’re looking to celebrate an employee, a team or even your company’s recent achievements with an office redesign, Rework can help. Our team of committed planning and design experts can aid you in crafting a unique office space that works perfectly for you. Whether you need additional huddle spaces for meetings or break areas for future celebrations, we can upgrade your office with the best available resources. Contact us today to learn more about our services and check out our Chicago area showroom for stylish office furniture at affordable prices.

7 Unique Ways To Celebrate Milestones in the Office