Design Tips to Help Bring Employees Back to the Office

Sep 28, 2023
Design Tips to Help Bring Employees Back to the Office

Remote work has quickly become the new normal for many businesses, so returning to the office after such a long time away might be jarring for your team. How can you make the transition back as comfortable and welcoming as possible? One way is by designing a space that encourages productivity, collaboration and happiness. We'll share some simple-to-implement design tips that can bring employees back to the office and instill some excitement for this change.

Create an Open Space

When designing an office, open floor plans are among the most prevalent trends. This layout works well for a variety of offices because it creates a collaborative space where employees can easily communicate and share ideas. If your office has individual offices or cubicles, it may be time to transition to an open layout. This design also floods the space with natural light, boosting mood and productivity for your team.

Incorporate Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is essential in any workspace. From improving comfort in the working environment to promoting long-term health, selecting ergonomic seating couldn’t be more important. Few employees have office-quality seating in their homes, so incorporating these items into the workplace can entice employees to work in the office for a few days every week. In addition to traditional task seating, consider adding couches, lounge chairs and even stools so employees have multiple spaces to relax and recharge between projects.

Even if you don’t have the budget for new furniture, you can always rent these items. Renting is significantly less expensive than the cost of freshly manufactured seating and desk spaces. This can work wonders for saving money and ensuring you have funds for other areas of your business.

Add Eye Catching Colors

Blue and yellow improve mood, energy levels and focus. Now might be the time to add some pops of color to the office. Change up the wall paint or add some exciting art, plants or colorful furniture pieces. Vibrant textures can greatly improve your team’s perception of the office environment. Anything you can do to make the space feel more like home will entice employees to work from the office.

Don’t Skimp on Good Lighting

Another design tip that boosts productivity and brings employees back to the office is to pay close attention to the lighting. Good (or bad!) lighting can set the tone for the entire workday by encouraging focus. Quality lighting is essential for concentration and alleviating eye strain. Invest in adjustable lighting options so that employees can work, read or rest under lighting that’s just right for them.

As your team returns to the office, designing an environment that makes them feel comfortable is critical. At Rework, we specialize in creating appealing workspaces for businesses throughout the Chicagoland area and nationwide. Our design expertise, combined with our office furniture rental services, can yield the perfect solution for increasing productivity and encouraging greater attendance at your office. Reach out today to start on an office redesign that’ll make a difference for your company.