Reasons to Consider an Open Office Plan Layout

Jun 13, 2023
Reasons to Consider an Open Office Plan Layout

When we think of office spaces, many of us picture a monochromatic space with traditional desks or even high-walled cubicles. Modern offices are embracing new ways to approach design, and an open office concept is one such strategy that works well for many businesses. Here, we’ll discuss details around this practical design, including a few noteworthy reasons to consider an open office plan layout.

What Is an Open Office Plan?

As its name suggests, an open office design features a singular open space that includes all the desks and equipment that a business needs. There are very few visual divisions with these styles, allowing everyone a free view of almost any area within the office. Any barriers that do exist come from furniture—such as desks, seating, or storage items. Even when there’s a direct path through the space, the room itself always feels open and lively to onlookers.

Open office plans are unique in that they require several different types of workspaces within the singular area. It’s crucial to think through the specifics of a particular company and its needs prior to making the switch.

The Benefits of an Open Office Plan

Believe it or not, the overall design of an office space plays a large role in the productivity, happiness and creativity of your team. In fact, the more attention given to this important topic, the better off employees will be as a whole. Open office layouts, in particular, come with several key advantages for a team. Here are some of the top reasons to consider an open office plan layout.

Greater Work Area Flexibility

Flexibility is vital for accommodating a series of individuals with unique focus and productivity needs. No two people are exactly alike, and it’s safe to assume we all have days when it’s easier to be productive than others. A lot of people hear “open office layout” and immediately wonder where they’ll be able to take a quiet break or host a confidential meeting. Open office plans actually allow a business to incorporate group work settings, private meeting rooms and individual workspaces—all within the same room. When designed effectively, employees can easily relocate throughout the day, depending on specific needs.

Seamless Communication

With an open office layout, it’s also much easier for employees to communicate with one another. Since there are no physical barriers between each person, asking a question or brainstorming ideas is as simple as turning a chair. This is especially critical in workplaces that have a lot of group projects or wish to encourage stronger relationships between coworkers. This layout, in particular, homes in on workplace camaraderie. Overall, it’s just a much friendlier layout!

Reduced Upkeep Costs

Paying for cubicles and dividers every time a new hire joins the team can get costly very quickly. These are precious dollars that could go to other areas of the business or toward team incentives and events. Open layouts don’t require as many furniture purchases after their initial setup. For this reason, the business will keep costs down by saving on furnishings and office upkeep. It’s important to note that while these designs can be pricey at first, they make up for the cost in the long run.

A Lighter and More Stylish Appearance

Since open offices have fewer visual barriers, they also tend to feel lighter and more airy. Brighter environments are great for keeping a team energized and productive by triggering the brain to produce serotonin. Additionally, increased light levels can make the setting look more attractive and unique. With a bit of openness in the scenery, everyone can see the carefully selected decor and creative centerpieces. As long as you get creative with decor choices, this open layout will set your company apart from competitors.

Enhanced Team Creativity

When the team can view brighter and more colorful materials around them, it becomes a lot easier to find inspiration for creative ideas. Brainstorming new concepts and solutions is a major part of the modern workplace, but there’s a harsh limitation on outside stimuli when employees are shut up in a small work area. By opening things up and using unique decor in the office, the team can get creative juices flowing more effectively and come up with solid ideas much faster than before.

Better Workplace Culture

Open office layouts help businesses by strengthening the culture within the workplace. Having a positive culture is crucial when it comes to keeping a team happy, healthy and thriving. Individuals want to feel part of something bigger and supported in their work environment. Implementing a positive culture can do wonders for general job satisfaction. In opening the office design, team members can see and communicate with each other as they go about their day. This is perfect for forging bonds with those around them and making employees feel more at home on a day-to-day basis.

Tips for Making a Seamless Switch

If your business decides to make a switch to an open office layout, there are several things to consider. Transitioning to this design requires careful planning from all angles. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional planning and design team to start the process. Our team of talented designers will make sure all bases are covered. We’ll touch on all the details, such as collecting feedback from your team about the concept and determining what types of work areas are needed for ultimate productivity. Ensuring all this valuable insight makes it into the final design is a crucial part of the design process. With a bit of attention to detail, our team will ensure your business has the perfect solution for maximizing office effectiveness. Reach out today to schedule a consultation or shop our collection of refurbished furniture online or in our Chicagoland showroom.

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Reasons to Consider an Open Office Plan Layout