Reasons Your Office Should Have an Outdoor Space

Jul 19, 2023

Reasons Your Office Should Have an Outdoor Space

Improving the productivity and morale of employees is a priority for any business owner, and providing an outdoor space is one way to do this. Outside workspaces allow team members to step away from their desks and breathe some fresh air, but there’s much more to it than offering time out in the sun. Alternative workspaces are increasing in popularity, and we want to discuss why. We’ll share some reasons your office should have an outdoor space.

Nature Boosts Creativity

Creativity is an important part of every role. Staring at the same surroundings every day can prevent your team from finding inspiration. Fortunately, fresh air and a change of scenery can greatly enhance creative problem-solving. Trees and greenery boost concentration and even inspire employees. An outdoor space in an office building can work wonders for employees’ ability to focus, think strategically, and increase creativity.

Stress Reduction

Work-related stress negatively impacts employees, decreasing their productivity levels. By providing an open-air roaming space, employees can step away from demanding tasks, take in fresh air and relax. When giving employees the option for a healthy work life balance, they become happier. When stress levels at work are low, the work environment remains positive.

Improved Physical Health

An outdoor space at the office gives employees the opportunity to exercise and move. Regular breaks can reduce common workplace-related issues such as backache, eye strain and neck pain. When employees are able to move freely and frequently, they can focus when they return to their desks. Sunlight supplies us with essential vitamins—such as vitamin D—that are scientifically proven to improve physical and mental health.

Positive Work Environment

Another reason your office should have an outdoor space is the positive mindset and sense of togetherness it brings to the workplace. An outdoor lounge space can provide your employees with an enjoyable location to eat lunch or collaborate on group projects. These opportunities allow your team to build personal and professional relationships amongst colleagues, encouraging exceptional teamwork and creativity.

Boosting Appeal for New Talent

A functional outdoor space in an office building creates a positive impression among job applicants. These areas can represent a company’s commitment to employee health and wellness. Employee well-being is especially important to new hires, and they’ll pay attention to ways that your company cares for employees during the application and interview process. Candidates may use the presence of an outdoor workspace to gauge your company’s wellness benefits, giving them a reason to join your team.

Prioritizing employee health and happiness is essential to improving productivity and performance. There is a huge uptick in clients requesting design services for outdoor spaces, and it’s easy to see why you shouldn’t overlook these areas. If you have an outdoor spot you’ve been thinking about leveraging, reach out to our team of talented designers to start the discussion. Between our talented design team and our latest collection of new and used office furniture, we can turn your design dreams into a reality.