10 Workstation Configurations to Optimize Your Office

Mar 3, 2022

Your office workstations are where the magic happens. From individual tasks to larger projects, these areas make each of your team’s accomplishments possible. However, there are plenty of things you can do to set up these productive areas for success. Here are 10 workstation configurations to optimize your office and ensure that every individual has the resources they need to work efficiently.

Weed Out the Worn

First, you’ll want to weed out any worn-down workstation setups not performing as they should. Even with frequent efforts to preserve them, there comes a time in every product’s lifecycle when it’s no longer up to the rigors of the job. This is especially true for furniture pieces that’ve been used all day, every day for the past several years. Finding ways to either refurbish or remove these items from your workspace can go a long way in helping your team perform better overall.

Embrace Variety

Incorporating variety into your workstation design is also important. While building workstations that look similar is a great way to foster cohesiveness in the office, some visual diversity can spur creativity. For roles that require your team to think outside the box and come up with new and exciting concepts, this is a trait that you want to represent in their workspace. So don’t be afraid to experiment with uniquely shaped furniture or brighter, bolder colors here and there.

Convenient Location

Also, a part of optimizing your office is determining where you should place your workstations. After all, how you position these larger desk spaces can greatly influence traffic flow throughout your office. This can make it easier for your team to reach their destination or actively hinder them as they try to maneuver around obstacles. As such, you’ll want to make sure you place workstations near important office landmarks, such as meeting areas and breakrooms, for the best performance.

Cooperative Layout

Properly configured workstations can help promote more collaboration within your teams, too. For instance, cubical workstations with lowered walls allow individuals to see their neighbors. This encourages them to communicate because they can look each other in the eyes and effectively convey their ideas. You can even accomplish a more cooperative layout by arranging your workstations in pods by department or team. With the right layout, you’re well on your way to creating a more cooperative office and better company culture.

Balanced Décor

Additionally, make sure you’re conscious of the décor you choose to place within your office workstations. Whether you’re trying to add a natural element or a pop of color, too many of these items can become a distraction for your team. Although you don’t want your office to look dull and void of creativity, it’s vital to find a balance. Consider placing one of these items near every other pod or so. This way, you create a visual variance without overdoing it.

Technology Implementation

Another vital workstation configuration to optimize your office space to keep in mind is the implementation of company technology. These resources are essential for your team to complete their work, and, as such, everything about your workstation layout should keep them in mind. From the number of cable ports that the desk has to the amount of desktop space you include for monitors and keyboards, finding furniture pieces that can accommodate your specific technology can make all the difference.

At Rework, we offer a series of benching workstations that accommodate any technology setup. From dual monitors to standing desks to phone compatibility, our selection makes it possible for you to include every resource your team could need.

Access to Natural Light

Incorporating natural lighting into your workstation layout can be beneficial as well. Unlike manufactured lighting, the energy from the sun’s rays can encourage the production of mood-changing hormones in the brain. This improves how your team feels in the office and heightens their focus, allowing them to be more productive. As such, you should position your workstations near windows or other natural light sources when possible.

Reduced Visual Distraction

Just like you should watch the number of decorative items you place within workstations, make sure you limit the number of potential distractions around your workstations, too. While you want your office to be a stylish representation of your brand, placing too many colorful or intriguing things within your team’s view can hinder their overall productivity. Because of this, it’s often best to limit the number of items you place on the walls near your workstations. You can also install fabric dividing panels to help block these items from sight.

Limit Disruptive Noises

Dividing panels can also help you ensure your workstations block out any disruptive noises. Like visual displays, loud sounds can cause some individuals to have a hard time focusing. This can make it more difficult for them to feel comfortable in their working environment. Fabric panels absorb sound waves, dampening these obtrusive noises and maintaining a calmer atmosphere for those who need it. Not everyone on your team may want these accommodations, though. So you may need to ask everyone about their preferences.

Emphasize Ergonomics

However, the most important workstation configuration is one that focuses on ergonomics for the employee using it. Physical comfort is at the heart of any successful workplace. No matter how hardworking and talented an individual is, discomfort in their workplace can prevent them from putting maximum effort into their role. Incorporating ergonomic office furniture ensures your team gets the right amount of physical support. This keeps them feeling great and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

For access to some of the best office design resources, reach out to us at Rework. We carry hundreds of quality products that ensure your office is both stylish and functional. Additionally, our team of dedicated designers will work with you to ensure that everything from your product selection to workplace layout is as efficient as possible. Contact us today for more information and to get the ball rolling on your next office redesign.

10 Workstation Configurations to Optimize Your Office