5 Chair Designs That Help Maintain Good Posture

Jan 19, 2022

Finding ways to keep your body in proper alignment is the key to a comfortable and productive day at work. Good posture helps reduce the development of physical aches and pains and contributes to a happier and more focused frame of mind. As such, the chair designs you choose for your office space are critical to your team’s success, whether it’s an exercise ball or a task desk chair. Here are five chair designs that help maintain good posture and how they benefit the body in their own way.

Kneeling Stool Design

Kneeling stools consist of a rounded base with two tilted platforms attached to the chair’s support post. This type of seating allows individuals to rest their knees on the platforms, keeping their feet off the floor. Kneeling stools can help correct the curvature of the lower spine by forcing the pelvis forward, a motion that inherently promotes a straighter back. These seats are also adjustable to almost any type of desk, making them a versatile option for any office design.

Saddle Design

Saddle chairs are also a noteworthy option to consider for your team. With these chairs, the seat itself sits tilted forward, creating two 135-degree angles between a person’s back, rear, knees, and feet. This puts your body into the correct lumbar position with your back straight and knees slightly bent. While these models don’t have backs, they still mimic the position of sitting in an ordinary chair and, therefore, are comfortable. However, the erect posture can tire out the spine in longer bursts.

Exercise Ball Design

Another popular chair design that helps maintain good posture is the exercise ball model. These seats consist primarily of an inflatable exercise ball that engages your core muscles by forcing you to regulate your balance. This position naturally straightens your spine and burns a few calories while you’re at it. They’re also great for keeping your team’s energy up throughout the day since it keeps their muscles moving.

Reclined Design

Even specialty reclined chairs can help improve a person’s posture. Though they lean back, these seats remain at the correct postural angle to provide ample support and comfort. These chairs are especially useful for individuals that like to work in the reclined position. In fact, they even have properly aligned headrests, footrests, and laptop stands, so you always remain at the most optimal angle.

Ergonomic Design

However, one of the most effective chair designs is the ergonomic style. These seats are specially crafted with ideal posture and support needs in mind and contain the necessary tools to help your team maintain their comfort all day long. From the strategically placed back and seat padding to the adjustable seat and arm height, these models make finding your alignment an easy task.

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