5 Popular Color Schemes for Office Waiting Rooms

Jul 21, 2022

The color, or colors, you choose for your office waiting room can have a profound impact on how your clients or new hires perceive your business. While it might seem like a minor detail to many, color can evoke a wide range of feelings that establish the atmosphere of a certain room or environment. As such, color can provide your business with a subtle advantage if you know how to use this it correctly.

Here are some popular color schemes for office waiting rooms and how they can create the setting you want for your business.

Light Blues and Grays

Cool colors—like blues, greens, and purples—have a soothing effect on the mind. Associated with the tranquility and quietness of water, these hues can quiet stressful thoughts and improve both mental and physical comfort. It’s no secret why they’re often used in more relaxed settings. Light blues are particularly effective in offices because they also provide an airy, open atmosphere where individuals feel they can breathe. Blue also pairs well with gray as an accent because the color adds a sense of depth and professionalism.

Neutrals with Vibrant Yellows

Yellow is also a color you should consider. Bright, happy, and sunny, yellows are perfect for creating a positive or creative environment where individuals are free to express themselves. These traits make yellow a great hue for companies that want to cultivate ideas and creativity. Yellow pairs well with whites and light grays, both of which having a grounding effect that keeps a room looking balanced.

Off-White with Lavender or Lilac

Another popular color scheme for office waiting rooms is the combination of lavender or lilac with off-white secondary walls or accents. Like blue, purple is a relaxing color that suits medical, therapy, and other social-based businesses. Pairing it with white or off-white brings additional light into the space and helps create a more positive environment for your visitors.

Forest or Lighter Green with White

Cool greens, both dark and light, are effective as well. Combining the relaxation of blue with the energy of yellow, green is a wonderful way to promote tranquility in a reception space. Green is also associated with nature, further creating an air of peace while maintaining a professional and productive atmosphere. This color scheme is great for promoting focus too, making it one you might want to consider for the rest of your office.

Pure Neutral White, Beige, or Gray

If you want to keep things strictly professional, you have plenty of options as well. Neutrals are great for providing that clean cut and organized appearance without feeling too bare. In fact, many offices prefer to use them as their primary colors to create a strong professional core. You can then add a few pops of color with paintings and signage.

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