5 Signs It’s Finally Time to Update Your Office Furniture

Jul 21, 2022

Like any items that receive regular use, the furniture in your office space won’t last forever. From the chairs to the tables and storage cabinets, everything experiences wear over time. As such, it’s vital that you know when to recognize the signs it’s finally time to update your office furniture. This way, not only is your office space a more practical environment, but your team is also more likely to achieve success.

1. Bad Client First Impressions

The art of the first impression is one of the most important things to have in mind when designing and updating the look of your office. After all, visitors will judge its appearance to develop how they feel about your business. It’s critical that they generate good thoughts. If your reception seating lacks a cohesive style, or if they’re simply uncomfortable to sit in, you’re more likely to get bad first impressions from visitors.

2. Non-Functional or Practical Design

As your business grows and undergoes structural changes, you’re going to need furniture arrangements that best accommodate those new operations. This could mean bigger conference rooms or more team workstations, maybe even a better break room as well. No matter the need, your office furniture’s design must provide a certain amount of flexibility. Therefore, if your pieces simply aren’t working for you anymore, it’s a key sign you should update your office furniture.

3. A Lack of Comfort or Physical Support

Keep the comfort of your team in mind as well when determining whether you should purchase new office furniture. Your team members sit in these chairs nearly all day, every day, and the chairs you have need the right amount of support for that level of use. Otherwise, you risk increasing the amount of discomfort your team feels on the clock, and a reduction in focus will follow.

4. Visible Damage and a Decrease in Style

Do you notice a new tear or stain every time you walk past a set of chairs? You’re not alone. If you can notice this damage, so can your team and visitors, and it’s these features that reduce your office’s overall style and appeal. Because of this, it’s essential that you respond by either replacing them or getting them refurbished by a team of professionals like those we have at Rework.

5. Reduced Team Productivity

Among the clearest indicators that your office furniture needs updating comes in the form of productivity levels. If your team isn’t comfortable with their seating or work environment, it can prevent them from focusing. This not only hinders their idea flow, but it also prevents them from getting their work done. As such, getting them items that better work for their needs can have a noticeable impact on the quality of your output.

Rework offers the best selection of new and refurbished office furniture on the market. Our collection of revitalized Humanscale office furniture maximizes comfort and success. While our team of planning and design experts ensure that every piece is in a place where it can best meet your needs.