5 Tips to Optimize Your Conference Room for a Hybrid Office

Jan 4, 2022

The working world has undergone a series of changes due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, one of the largest alterations deals with where individuals work. Hybrid corporate landscapes have quickly become the norm to best accommodate professional teams. These new hybrid setups increase the need for better conference rooms to facilitate quality communication—no matter where the different parties are. Use these tips to optimize your conference room for a hybrid office and ensure everyone has what they need to succeed.

Focus on Quality Face-to-Face Interaction

If there’s anything we’ve taken for granted in the past, it’s the connections we’ve been able to forge through simple face-to-face conversations. Getting to look into someone’s eyes when you talk to them is key to not only conveying ideas but creating a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere. As such, it’s important that you keep face-to-face contact at the forefront of your mind when building your hybrid conference room. This could be in-person interactions or video calls.

Prioritize Experiential Equity

You’ll also want to prioritize experiential equity when planning out this space. This concept refers to creating an equal experience for all individuals calling into your conference room, including clients and colleagues. In embracing this idea, you can ensure ideal interactions in all forms of meetings and get the most ideal generation and collaboration out of them.

Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology

For your conference room to have optimal experiential equity, you need to equip it with the right tools. With the latest in conference room audio and visual equipment, such as our specialized Mediascapes, conveying ideas is a much clearer process. You can reduce the number of technical errors per meeting and maximize the amount of time you have to get through presentations. Additionally, these setups seamlessly integrate technology and space, bringing people together more effectively and maximizing communication and collaboration in the process.

Incorporate Proper Sound Control

Another important tip to optimize your conference room for a hybrid office is to implement sound- proofing measures where necessary. When noise can penetrate the walls of your conference room, it becomes much harder to maintain the quality experience you’re after. These outside sounds can also present a large distraction for your team and decrease potential progress. For this reason, consider installing soundproof materials along the interior of the space or creating small, quiet booths for easy focus. As authorized Teknion dealers, our planning and design team at Rework can direct you the perfect noise-canceling PODs for your open office plan.

Emphasize Physical Comfort

Make sure that you focus on maximizing physical comfort as well in your conference room. Though you’ll need to cater to those calling in, it’s important that those physically present are set up for success as well. With the right office conference room chairs, you can make it easier for your team to focus and contribute to even more productive meetings. This allows them to keep most of their concentration on the conversation and not their own discomfort.

If you need help designing the perfect hybrid conference room for the changing corporate world, Rework is on your side. Our team of planning and design experts can walk you through what makes an effective conference room and provide you with the tools to make this vision a reality.