5 Unassuming Changes To Make Your Office Look Bigger

Jun 16, 2022

No all businesses have the luxury of a large office complex. In fact, most companies find themselves in accommodations too small for their growing team. When you’re working with limited office space, it can make your clients and team feel uncomfortable. As such, finding ways to maximize your space, or at least make it appear as such, is the key to getting more done and creating a more inviting experience. Here are five unassuming changes to make your office look bigger with very little hassle.

Arrange Furniture Strategically

One of the first things you can do is be more mindful of how you arrange your furniture pieces in your office. From individual desk spaces to break and meeting areas, every part of your office needs the proper tools to function. Yet, while they need to be there, they might not necessarily need to have their current layout. The right furniture placement can make these items more compact, allowing them to take up less space while maintaining their useability.

Rework offers planning and design services that find the perfect furniture layout for any size space. These custom plans allow you to make the most of your limited space while ensuring you can still utilize it as needed for your business.

Organize Technology Cables

It also helps to keep all technology cables and units tidy and organized. When extensions and boxes spread out across desks and floors, it reduces the amount of usable walking space and increases the likelihood of tripping. Because of this, these items can also make your office space appear smaller and make individuals feel like they have nowhere to step. As such, finding ways to keep them bunched together and out of sight, without getting them tangled up in knots is a great space-saving solution.

Light Up the Space

You can give your office the appearance of having more space by increasing the amount of light it has, too. Brighter rooms make things feel airy and open, giving the perception of space, even in smaller rooms. You can achieve the same effect using both natural and artificial lighting. Though, natural tends to work better for improving mood and fostering productivity. So, consider talking to a design consultant about adding a few windows to your office plan.

Choose a Wall Color Carefully

If you’re looking to save on construction fees, simply changing the color of your wall can also be very impactful. Depending on the hue, your walls can either absorb or reflect light, completely changing the office atmosphere. Dark colors capture light, making the space seem darker, contained, and smaller. On the other hand, lighter colored walls reflect light throughout the rest of the area, making it seem brighter and open.

Eliminate Clutter

Another unassuming change to make your office look bigger is to minimize clutter wherever possible. This could be to transition to paperless records or to place more garbage cans around the space to facilitate proper disposal. Either way, you’re reducing the number of things in the way and maximizing walking and working room.

Whether you’re looking for office interior design services in Chicago or quality, refurbished furniture pieces for your office, contact Rework. Our team will work around the clock to ensure your office space is exactly what you need it to be.