5 ways your business can keep waste from landfills

Nov 6, 2018

Keeping a green office means reworking your traditional office space into a more eco-friendly environment. Environmental pollution statistics create an urgent need to do things differently. Office space is one of the areas where we can reduce greenhouse gas emission and consequently, our ecological footprint. Thankfully, the next generation of workers, the millennials, appear to be all in for the green office revolution. While organized studies may have failed to identify a significant preference for green offices, it remains a fact that millennials are more conscious of their environmental footprints. And this eco-sensitivity would drive them to push for sustainable workplaces in the near future.

Many managers and entrepreneurs assume that the green office is expensive to implement or maintain. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are numerous green office ideas that are even cheaper to maintain than traditional office spaces. Below are some of the ways you can reconstruct your office space to make it eco-friendly and keep more waste out of landfills.

Swap conventional for recycled

Going green doesn’t necessarily mean your office has to undergo a radical transformation. You could start with the small things; opt for recycled items whenever you can. You can easily get recycled legal pads, paper, or even furniture. Most of these items end up in landfills or inside the ocean when they are not recycled. Rework has a large selection of pre-owned and refurbished office furniture, and offers in-house refinishing services. These recycled versions are less expensive than their conventional counterparts, so you’ll be taking care of your company’s finances as well as the environment.

Conserve energy

Energy consumption is undoubtedly one of the most significant contributors to environmental pollution all over the world. You’ll be creating a sustainable workplace if you can significantly reduce energy consumption in your workplace. Again, you do not have to go all-or-nothing about it. The little changes also matter as much as the seemingly radical changes. You can easily start with upgrading your light bulbs, using cloud-based systems, turning off your lights, using power management settings for your office devices, etc. If you feel you are up for it, consult with Rework’s design experts to explore renewable energy options.

Ditch disposable cups

Most offices hold the coffee break sacred and you can hardly blame workers for loving a good brew, but the use of disposable cups only adds to the already monstrous problem of plastic pollution. Consider purchasing branded mugs for the office. While this would necessitate extra cleaning efforts, you’ll be saving your office and the environment in the long run. If your office has a kitchen, you could extend the no-disposables rule to other items like plates and cutlery. The branded glassware could even complement your HR efforts and foster team spirit among coworkers. Like virtually every other environmental-friendly move, it’s a win-win for everyone.


Besides buying recycled supplies, you could also join the green revolution by encouraging recycling in the office space. Set up separate bins around the office for different kinds of waste. You could have waste bins dedicated for paper, glass, aluminum, or plastic wastes, with each bin having a distinct color. Other items like batteries and cartridges could also have their dedicated bins. If this initiative is to work at all, you’ll have to make your employees see a need to recycle and encourage them to dispose of the wastes properly.

Reduce paper waste

Traditional offices are famous for the huge quantity of paper waste they churn out. You could reduce paper waste in your office by encouraging your workers to print only when necessary. They should not print any document they can read on the computer or their smartphone. You should also set printers to print two-sided. This should save a lot of paper and reduce your expenditure on stationeries.

There you have it. Highlighted above are five sensible ways to create an office that's friendlier to the environment and keeps more waste out of landfills. It's important to note that all your efforts towards creating a sustainable workplace would be futile if your employees are not actively involved. You could create a sustainability team among the employees and offer rewards for employees that show an impressive level of commitment to the program.

Please read our article  A Greener Workplace for more tips on moving your office towards sustainability. For more information on Rework's landfill diversion program and our current totals, click here.