5 Workstation Hacks to Clean Your Workspace

Jun 29, 2022

Maintaining a clean workstation is one of the most important things you can do to stay focused and productive throughout your day. With how much time you spend in these areas, it’s only natural that they’d accumulate their share of clutter and messes. It’s your responsibility to handle these things, from piles of crumbs to the occasional spill, and ensure you have a proper work environment. Here are some workstation hacks to clean your workspace and keep it that way for much longer.

Only Keep Things You Use Everyday

Clutter makes up the bulk of the things we keep on our desks. Whether it be piles of paperwork or an excessive amount of pens and pencils, all these things do is take up space and prevent us from honing in on our work. Because of this, it’s important that you only keep the items you often use on your desk. Think about the things you tend to use in your role each day and put everything else away.

Limit the Number of Sentimental Items

It’s also crucial that you try to limit the number of sentimental and personal items you keep at your office workstation. While these items are a great way to customize this space and make it your own, too many things can have the same effect as other types of clutter. So consider which items mean the most to you and which ones you’d like to have most at the office. Cutting back to one or two of these pieces can prevent clutter buildup and still make your workstation more comfortable.

Utilize Organizing Products

Another effective workstation hack to clean your workspace is to utilize a few organizers where needed. Products like pencil cups and sectioned drawer trays provide a series of compartments for varying items. This way, you can keep everything you need within reach and prevent items from mixing into a cluttered mess. Organizers are especially useful to have on the surface of your workstation because they clearly provide a proper spot for each item.

Keep Wet Wipes and Tissues on Hand

Stocking up on a reliable supply of wet wipes and tissues can be a great asset should a mess or two happen on the job. Crumbs and spills are commonplace at workstations, and it’s vital that you have the means to respond to them. Wet wipes ensure you can clean away any sticky substances or bacteria, leaving your area fully sanitary. Tissues, on the other hand, work great for picking up dry messes and quickly dusting off your computer screen.

Schedule Weekly Cleanups

One of the most critical things to do when cleaning your workstation is to set aside time to repeat the process regularly. Regular cleanups will help you to stay organized, eliminate unnecessary clutter, and ultimately, help keep you focused.

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