Benefits of Using Refurbished Office Furniture

Aug 4, 2021

When it comes to refurnishing your office space, it’s natural that you’ll have a few decisions to make regarding style, adjustability, and overall comfort. However, one of the most important choices ahead of you will be whether to buy these pieces new or used and refurbished. While many assume that new items are of better quality than pre-owned ones, refurbished products have a set of advantages of their own. These are the top benefits of using refurbished office furniture for your office.

Increased Financial Savings

First, refurbished office furniture is more affordable. This means that not only do you have access to some of the best brands at a fraction of the price, but you’re also left with some savings. With the money you keep by passing over new models, you can invest in other areas of your business or even acquire more items than you originally thought you would.

Better for the Environment

Using refurbished office furniture is also much better for the environment because it keeps materials out of landfills. Several million tons of office furniture end up in local disposal areas every year, and even something as simple as changing how we buy these pieces can have a large impact. So, if your business is looking to do its part to help the planet, this is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals.

Ergonomic Capabilities

Another benefit of using refurbished office furniture is that these products are better at accommodating an individual’s ergonomic needs. Since the refurbishing process works by replacing the inner padding with newer materials, this revitalizes a chair’s ability to provide adequate support for the back, neck, and arms. As such, refurbished office seating is much better at keeping employees comfortable and preventing workplace injuries.

Zero Waiting Time

Sometimes an overlooked but certainly valuable consideration, buying refurbished office furniture can take significantly less time, especially when furnishing a large space. This is due to the fact that shipping delays on the necessary materials have increased with the onset of COVID-19. We at Rework already have a wide variety of office furniture available in our showroom. As such, there’s no wait involved when you make your choice. Instead, you can pick up your office furniture straight from the showroom or request delivery right to your office. We also offer professional, reliable installation services, making your decision to choose pre-owned furniture even easier.

At Rework, we pride ourselves on our refurbishing process. All of our items come from decommissioned office spaces that are renewed by the experienced hands of our team. Whether it be our selection of seating or our ergonomic workstation products, all our pre-owned offerings are expertly refurbished and ready to find their new home in your workplace.