Breathe Life Into Your Office Furniture With Refurbishing

Oct 19, 2018

Giving an office a furniture facelift and bringing a refreshing aesthetic to your business can often encourage more stress than excitement. Sure, there’s color scheme and comfort to consider, but there’s always one real sticking point for any decision maker when it comes to a project like this: cost. What if there was a way to transform your workspace furniture that didn’t break the bank? Let us introduce refurbishing and refinishing – a way to spruce up used or pre-owned office furniture for a fraction of the price of buying it brand new!

At Rework, we are here to provide a full service to you throughout the complete life-cycle of your office furniture. We are proud to have a blended approach to furniture, meaning that we see the value and have expertise in dealing with all types of new, refurbished and pre-owned office furniture for our mid-sized Chicago based companies and clients. Whether you’re looking for someone to procure new office furniture or add aesthetic and structural upgrades to your existing pieces, we’ve got you covered.

Our refurbished offerings always bring the element of surprise with it. Very few business owners and decision makers have heard of it, and – most importantly – they are always pleasantly surprised with the huge difference a bit of furniture refinishing can make to the look and feel of an office.

Many of our clients ask us what refurbishing office furniture really entails. And whilst the result may look magical, the process really doesn’t require a magic wand or crystal ball! We can reupholster furniture, adding an ‘on-trend’ feeling back into dated pieces, improving their comfort and also their longevity in the process. Repainting and relaminating office furniture will reinstall the sparkle and shine it once had and leave any dull or less attractive pieces far behind. We also provide edge detailing, adding subtle but stunning extra detail to furniture to produce a real ‘wow’ factor to statement pieces that every welcoming reception or lobby needs. Lastly, some pieces of furniture just need a bit of TLC to bring them back to their former glory. Our repair and cleaning service does just that, and you’ll be surprised at the huge impact that a bit of elbow grease can make!

Refurbishing and refinishing existing office furniture is a cheap and easy way to refresh a room or office at a time of remodeling or downsizing, and to really make a chic statement during periods of growth, or after an office move. There can also be elements of individuality added to certain pieces – something that’s very difficult to achieve when buying new office furniture in bulk.

So why choose Rework for your furniture facelift? We are experts in our field, cost-effective, and most importantly set up to deal with the volume of furniture you may require for your room or office. There is nothing worse than looking forward to the completion of a project, only to find that the company you hired just haven’t been able to cope with the demand. There’s also the possibility of starting a DIY refurbishment project for your office furniture, but that’s a big job for a business to complete in-house, and it may well lead to half-completion or a much bigger final bill than you anticipated.

We can also assure you that we take our environmental responsibility seriously at Rework; your refurbished pieces will not only be functional as well as beautiful and efficient in form, our promise to you is they’ll be environmentally resourceful, socially responsible, and economically sound whilst also using 80-90% less energy than it takes to manufacture brand new furniture. After all, office furniture is one of the biggest annual contributors to landfill waste in the United States. Of course, we want to be part of the solution to that problem, and we want our clients to join us on our mission of sustainability.

If refurbishing and refinishing your Chicago based office furniture is something that hadn’t previously crossed your mind but has now piqued your interest, you wouldn’t be the first, or only one! For a chic, sleek, sustainable and cheap solution to your office furniture needs, regardless of where your business is at in its lifecycle and without cutting corners on quality, please do give us a call or visit our Chicago showroom to browse our full collection. 

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