Common Types of Lumbar Support for Office Chairs

Sep 7, 2022

Not all chairs are the same when it comes to supporting your back and spine. While there are plenty of models that provide the perfect alignment for your needs, there’s no guarantee that that same chair will work for someone else. In fact, depending on the alignment of the chairs, or lack thereof, you may decide to throw them away. These are the common types of lumbar support for office chairs and which ones to avoid when picking models for your team.

External Lumbar Support

When you buy a generic office chair, you may find that your team needs to turn to other products for real comfort. From neck pillows to specialized backrests that slide over the seat, these items provide external lumbar support that minimizes discomfort.

Fixed Lumbar Support

Some office chairs also provide fixed lumbar support capabilities. In these models, the support sits along the backrest in a single position. Your team members can adjust or change them to achieve better comfort. Fixed lumbar support works well for those with certain builds. However, they aren’t a solution for everyone in your office. In fact, they could cause even more discomfort for some team members depending on their specific support needs.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

A better type of lumbar support for office chairs is the adjustable variety. As the name suggests, these chairs allow you to adjust where you receive support along their spine and how much they need as the day progresses. This is great for catering to those with several different body types and comfort needs. It’s important to mention that these models aren’t always the most intuitive, as your team will need to spend time readjusting their chair whenever they sit in a new seat.

Dynamic Lumbar Support

If you want to maximize the comfort and usability of your office chairs, you’ll want to consider models that utilize dynamic lumbar support. Designed to automatically adjust to a person’s body, these chairs require no fiddling with levers. They retain their form all day. As such, their depth and firmness are what everyone needs them to be—regardless of how many people sit in them.

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