Details About Office Furniture & Delivery You Need to Know

Jun 8, 2022

When you need to order hundreds of desks and chairs for your business’s office space, the purchasing process is a bit more complicated than you’d might expect. No longer do you have the ability to transport these items to your office itself. Instead, you’ll need the aid of a professional delivery service to ensure everything gets to your complex unscathed. Still having basic knowledge of these procedures can go a long way in making the most of these steps in your office upgrade. Here are some details about office furniture and delivery you need to know.

Furniture Size

One of the first things to consider during your order is the size of your furniture pieces. Size, and therefore weight, play a key role in a delivery service’s ability to transport particular items. While some furniture delivery professionals specialize in transporting larger items, there are others that don’t have the capacity. As such, understanding the size of the pieces you’re asking for can go a long way in finding the most capable and efficient provider.

Item Protection

When looking to have your office furniture delivered, it’s also important to know how the professionals will protect your items on the road. There’s a lot of potential hazards when it comes to transporting furniture. Without the proper protection, the items you spent your business’s money on could easily fall, crack, or malfunction before you even receive them. Because of this, make sure that you ask about these measures prior to your purchase and delivery order.

Delivery Timeframe

This is another important detail about office furniture delivery you need to know. At Rework, we’ll deliver your furniture to be in sync with the other components of your project and when your construction is fully complete. To keep your furniture looking fresh and new, we’ll install your furniture in your completed space. Coordinate with your Rework sales professional to make sure all the details go smoothly.

Secondary Installation Services

Make sure you’re on the lookout for any additional services that are secondary to delivery. In the case of Rework, we offer professional installation and assembly services as well. Each member of our team works hard to construct the items as designed, ensuring better performance and longer product lifespan for you. Installation professionals also help assure you that everything is set up to your specific standards.

For unparalleled office furniture delivery and assembly services, give Rework a call. We have a passion for turning outdated office spaces into beautiful and functional hubs for productivity. Whether you need to buy furniture or have it delivered and installed, we’re an all-in-one resource that gets it right. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you obtain the office of your dreams.