Essential Office Furniture Every Workplace Needs

Sep 7, 2022

Finding ways to set your business apart from the competition is one of the most critical parts of growing your clientele. However, when it comes to your office space, you may find that you have many similar items and furniture that aren’t working as well as they should in maximizing employee and client satisfaction. Whatever industry you’re in or what you want your office design and branding to convey, several key furniture items must have a place in that environment. These are some essential office furniture pieces every workplace needs to achieve peak productivity and long-term success among their team.

Eye-Catching Reception Desk

Team members and visitors want to feel welcomed and accommodated upon walking into your office space. In an ideal space, a grand reception desk sits at the forefront of an individual’s vision and shows them exactly where to get the assistance they need. Often large and colorful, the purpose of these desks is to draw attention and direct entering traffic to the receptionist. This way, you can maintain an easy-to-navigate space for everyone in that room. Reception desks are also great for showcasing your brand. Since they already draw the eye, you can center a person’s view on your company logo and show them what your business is about.

Quality Reception Chairs

In addition to an attractive reception desk, it’s also important that your guest area has several comfortable chairs. The experience that your visitors have in your reception space will influence how they view your company. Because of this, the last thing you want is for the reception seating to hurt their backs. Incorporating comfortable seating with ample support keeps clients relaxed while they wait for their appointment and can show each visitor that you care about their experience with your brand. You’ll also want to ensure that the chairs’ style matches your branding. This way, there’s a cohesiveness to the room’s design that makes your company appear more attractive to customers.

Desks and Workstations

For your internal team, their desks are their primary work areas. As such, you’ll want to provide them with desks with everything they could ever need to stay focused and productive. This includes ample space for their computers, notes, and keyboards. It also helps to incorporate full workstations into your office space with dividers for promoting privacy. These components can help maximize focus by removing visual distractions and dampening sounds. This way, your team can be as involved or removed as needed at the moment. Know that desks and workstations come in various shapes, models, and configurations so that you can find something that offers the perfect solution.

Supportive Team Seating

Along with their desks, you’ll also need to supply your team with the most supportive seating possible. Because they’ll spend most of their workday in these chairs, it’s important that they’re not only comfortable but that they can also support a healthy body. Models designed with ergonomics are the premium option for desk workers as they assure that each person’s spine stays fully supported. They also help maintain the correct physical posture and prevent everyday aches, pains, and fatigue from developing.

At Rework, we specialize in providing quality ergonomic office seating and workstation accessories at a reduced price. Through our decommissioning services, we acquire preowned seating and refurbish these pieces into like-new, ergonomic solutions for your team. We go the extra mile to ensure these pieces are functional, comfortable, stylish, and affordable so that you’re sure to get everything you need out of them.

Spacious Meeting Tables

Other essential office furniture that every workplace needs include spacious conference and meeting tables that fit your entire team. Whether your team holds regular presentations or only meets once a week, having a quality conference space will be critical to their collaborative success. The right meeting table can ensure that everyone can hear each other and that individuals feel like the floor is theirs to speak their minds. A quality table will be at the heart of your teamwork and idea-generation efforts.

You can also set up several additional meeting areas for smaller groups. This will provide your team with more private, alternative workspaces for collaboration. For these spaces, we recommend smaller tables to create a more intimate space to share ideas and solve project problems.

Subtle Storage Spaces

Make sure you don’t forget to include storage throughout your office space as well. Paperwork, project supplies, and personal items all have a place in the office. However, there isn’t enough table space to keep them all in plain sight. Compact storage cabinets, shelves, and desk drawers are vital for tucking these items away when your team isn’t using them. This way, the clutter is out of view, your office is much more organized, and traffic can flow more smoothly. In addition to large cabinets and storage closets, consider incorporating smaller storage solutions near personal desks. The more space you have to keep extra supplies, the better your office will look and perform.

Lounge and Breakroom Seating

Breaks are a crucial part of every team member’s workday. From eating lunch and reenergizing to talking to peers, breakrooms are there to allow your team to decompress. As such, you’ll need furniture they feel they can kick back and relax in. This list includes durable lunch chairs as well as plush couches and armchairs. With these options, your team can choose how they would best spend their break time and return to their work fully refreshed afterward.

Whether you’re in the market for more compact workstations or ergonomic seating, Rework has these items for you in spades. When we compile our pieces for reselling, we make it a point to ensure that they come from reputable and quality brands. Our inventory includes refurbished Haworth office furniture and pieces from other top brands such as Steelcase and Humanscale. So, you can go into this investment confident that you’re getting products your team will love. Shop with us online or visit our Forest Park showroom to view these pieces in person. We know you and your team will love them.

Essential Office Furniture Every Workplace Needs