Factors that Help or Hinder Your Workplace Environment

Aug 5, 2021

Every environment includes different characteristics. From the sounds of rustling of papers to the comfort of the chair you’re sitting in, each aspect of your environment affects how you feel in that setting. Because of this, every workplace must account for their employees’ needs to foster the most productive team possible. These are some of the factors that help or hinder your workplace environment and how you can use them to your advantage as you design your office space.


Sound plays a larger role in influencing a person’s mind than we often realize. Some individuals find that they need some level of noise to focus, while others require absolute silence. But every office space has at least a little bit of natural ambient sound, and understanding your team’s specific needs will be the key to determining which approach you should take.

For those who need sound, you can try playing music at a low volume over a larger speaker system. However, if more of your workforce like to work in silence, you can compromise by putting up sound-dampening barriers. It’s also important that you set out to control some of the more distracting noises, such as copiers and large pieces of equipment, by moving them to other parts of the office.


The amount of light in your office space is another vital factor. Different types of light have various effects on the brain, such as waking us up or getting us ready to go to sleep. Ideally, you’ll want to provide enough light to keep your team engaged but not so much that you create glare on their computer screens. Ample overhead fixtures can help with this, though natural lighting is more effective at energizing your employees and keeping them engaged throughout the day.


The color of your office furnishings can either work to your advantage or sabotage your efforts. Certain hues evoke different emotions in individuals, making it the perfect way to set a quality atmosphere for your office. Blues or greens, for instance, give a space a tranquil or relaxing feeling. Yellows or reds, on the other hand, promote heat and energy. For this reason, consider your office color scheme carefully to avoid picking something unfitting of your company culture.

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to update your office’s color scheme, consider Rework’s reupholstery services. Our team can help you realize your cohesive office vision by replacing old fabrics with newer materials. This allows you to give the office a whole new look and feel at a fraction of the price of new furnishings.

Air Quality

Even the air quality itself in your office space has a significant effect on a team’s overall well-being. If they’re inhaling air filled with chemical and dust particles, individuals throughout your office space may begin experiencing negative health effects. Some examples of this include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Those with asthma may already find it hard to breathe inside the building. When this happens, work is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Fortunately, incorporating an outdoor or mid-door workspace can help your team get the fresh air they need.


Another crucial factor that helps or hinders your workplace environment is the office’s temperature. For employees to function at their best, they need to feel comfortable. Large fluctuations in the temperatures can be distracting, which keeps employees from giving their full attention to the tasks in front of them. Outdoor workspaces can help with this as well—weather permitting, of course—by providing an escape from the frigid or humid conditions inside.

Office Layout

If you’re looking to make your office a more accommodating place for your employees, consider its overall layout. The way you choose to arrange walls, dividers, and furniture will determine how much access individuals have to specific amenities. It will even control the flow of office traffic and how people navigate the space. Because of this, you want a floor plan that allows everyone to effectively use areas like the lunch or break rooms without increasing the amount of traffic near desks where people are trying to work. For additional assistance with this, we at Rework have a team of experienced design professionals who can walk you through the process and help you create the perfect layout for your team.


The purpose of office decor is to make the space appear professional and stylish for any visitors walking through. However, it can impact your team in certain situations as well. Placing large pieces of artwork near the desks, for example, can prove distracting to many individuals. On the other hand, a small vase with flowers may just provide a simple pop of color. Make sure you think about the size and placement of certain decorative items if you want to avoid disruption and maximize productivity.


Then, last but certainly not least, the quality of your office furniture is one of the most obvious factors to consider. Seating, workstations, and ergonomics are at the core of your work by providing essential support and comfort. Therefore, each item needs to be comfortable, ergonomic, and befitting of the surrounding office design.

Seating is especially crucial because it supplies employees with several benefits, including improved comfort, posture, focus, and general productivity. This allows them to associate positive feelings with the office environment and encourages them to keep coming back. By investing in the right task chairs, you can help your team enjoy their workdays more comfortably. All our new and used office chairs for sale go through a full inspection to ensure that you receive the highest quality at a fraction of original retail prices.

At Rework, we set out to do more than just supply businesses with quality office furniture—we aim to create an ideal workplace environment for your team. Whether you utilize our selection of refurbished and ergonomic task desk chairs or our planning and design services, we go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect. This way, you know your employees are set for success in their roles. Contact us for more information about our services, or visit our Chicago showroom to view our products in person. Let us build you the office you and your team need today.

Factors that Help or Hinder Your Workplace Environment