Four Considerations When Choosing an Office Chair

Jan 6, 2020

Think about how much time you spend at your desk each day. If the average workday is eight hours long, you’ll probably be at your desk for roughly seven of those hours after deducting lunch, trips to the bathroom, and getting coffee. Now, multiply that by five, then 52, and you spend around 1,800 hours a year at your work desk. That’s 75 days—that’s a long time to do anything. Knowing that, you better have a comfortable chair to spend all that time in. Sadly, most people don’t for various reasons. Some don’t have any choice in the matter and take what the company gives them, others just use whatever is handy and cheap. Regardless, whether you’re picking a chair for your home office or an office space of 500 workers, there are some considerations when choosing an office chair that you should take into account.


The chair’s fabric should be breathable to keep it from becoming hot and uncomfortable. Body heat will naturally heat up the chair’s fabric. If it doesn’t breathe, it can make the person in it uncomfortable. Additionally, the fabric and padding should be thick enough to support the person, so they don’t feel the chair’s base when seated.

Wheel Base

Most office chairs have a base with wheels on it, so users can slide across the floor to reach whatever they need. Every wheeled chair works fine on tile and hard floors, but not all work great on carpet. Different wheel bases work better on carpet, so keep that in mind when making your selection.

Lumbar Support

Any quality office chair will offer plenty of lower-back support. The better ones will have adjustable lower back support so the user can set it to suit their needs. This is important to keep everyone from aggravating an existent lower back problem or even creating one.


Every office chair has some form of adjustability. For example, most have the height and arm adjustment—these are not the most important ones, though. A good chair will have from five to fourteen adjustments for maximum comfort. The best ones will have adjustments for lumbar support, arm width, seat back width and height, seat back angle, and tension control.

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