How Employers Can Help Employees Improve Their Posture

Jul 15, 2020

More and more, we become a sedentary society. We sit in cars, we sit in trains, we sit at work, and we sit on the couch at home. It’s an unfortunate and unhealthy part of daily life. All that sitting can lead to health issues like obesity and back problems. The good news is that, while at work, there are ways employers can help employees improve their posture. A few minor adjustments and additions to the office space can drastically improve poor posture and ailing backs.

Set Monitors Right

Having your employees’ computer monitors at the right height is important to prevent your workers from straining their necks. Ideally, the monitor should be directly in front of an individual, and the top of it should be at their eye level. If the monitor isn’t at that level, your employee may need a stand for their computer or to raise their chair. The chair should be adjusted so that an individual’s elbows are at the side of their body and in an “L” shape.

Encourage the Proper Sitting Position

The proper way to sit in your chair is with both feet firmly planted on the floor with legs uncrossed. If someone can’t put both feet on the ground, you should get them a footrest to prop their feet up. Encourage your employees to sit with their head up, shoulders back, and back up straight. The position should resemble that of a school portrait. Sitting up straight keeps one’s shoulders from rounding and slumping over the desk.

Provide Standing Desks

Sitting in one position—a proper one or otherwise—for hours at a time is not ideal. Many people struggle to maintain focus when sitting for too long. Standing desks allow workers to change their position while continuing to work. They can stand at their desk by elevating the keyboard and monitors. Being able to stretch out once in a while works wonders on productivity and comfort levels.

Buy Ergonomic Furniture

The world of ergonomic furniture is growing all the time. Manufacturers are investing a lot of research and development dollars into finding the best position for people to sit in. The furniture might look a little different than your employees are used to, but ergonomically correct furniture is the best for the body. Companies should offer it to employees that want it and encourage its use.

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