How to Create a Multi-Purpose Office Space

Jun 10, 2021

Office spaces are no longer used for a select few tasks. In fact, it’s commonplace for the workplace to be deemed a multi-use facility. Establishing this kind of office design can be difficult if you’re unsure of where to start. We’ve pulled together some easy tips so you can a multi-purpose office space that works for you.

Maximize Your Floor Space

If you’re looking to create a multi-use workspace, you should begin by evaluating ways to maximize your layout. Placing furniture against walls is a simple way to start as floating furniture tends to take up more space. If employees typically work in teams, consider utilizing smaller workstations with rolling file cabinets that double as a guest chair and storage unit. Selecting an office desk benching system will take up a smaller footprint while creating a more open, functional space. Ultimately, working with a Designer or Interior Space Planner is the best way to ensure you design the perfect layout for your unique office floor plan.

Make Your Setup Customizable

Another important step in creating a multi-purpose office space is to include style and layout options that are completely customizable. Customization is the key to ensuring that everyone’s needs are met no matter how unique they may be. Leveraging a layout that can pivot at a moment’s notice ensures your team is ready to take on a multitude of different projects. Small workstations work well in this environment along with dividers to designate quiet zones.

Include Plenty of Work Surfaces

Including a variety of work surfaces will ensure your team has the luxury of spreading out and moving around throughout the day. If you’re tight on space, consider selecting furniture that can work for a variety of purposes. A conference table can easily adapt to become a breakout space during mealtimes. Or perhaps a small lounge table morphs into a meeting zone for a quick touch base. Get creative with your furniture and force yourself to think outside the box.

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