How to Design an Office Break Room

Apr 15, 2021

It’s clear to many business owners that the layout of an office space can greatly impact how effectively their team works. However, it isn’t as often we apply that same train of thought to the break room. With the stress that often stems from managing job responsibilities, workers need the occasional break to decompress and boost productivity. Here are some tips for designing the perfect office break room.

Include All the Essentials

Designate spaces for lounging, eating, and socializing. You should also consider a small area for playing games – this is a great way for building office camaraderie. Incorporating each of these features sends a clear message to your team: you value their wellbeing and happiness. If catered lunch isn’t in the budget, consider offering a variety of healthy snacks as an alternative. You’ll be surprised just how far a box of granola bars and a bag of apples can go in sending the message that you really care about employees.

Make sure it matches the overall office aesthetic

Designing an office break room also includes making it unique to your specific business and team. It shouldn’t feel like an afterthought filled with a mishmash of furniture. The break room is such an important part of any office and should reflect both the style and the culture you’ve established. Implementing a similar color scheme used in the rest of the office or displaying your company logo are both easy ways to achieve cohesion.

Incorporate Private Zones

When team members go on break, they don’t always want to spend it with their peers. Providing the opportunity for employees to indulge in a quick meditation session or zone out after a big meeting will result in a huge productivity boost. Consider using a room divider to designate as a quiet zone within the break room. If you’re tight on space, introduce blocks of time that are reserved for complete quiet.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

Including ergonomically sound furniture within the workspace is vital, so don’t forget about the break room when designing your new office. It’s just as important that employees feel comfortable during lunch as they do during the workday. Rework has a great variety of expertly refurbished pieces—like these bar and counter height stools and collaboration tables—that are perfect for office break rooms.

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