How to Encourage Employees to be Physically Active

Feb 2, 2021

Previously, we discussed tips on maintaining a positive workplace culture for those working remotely. If your team is now in the process of re-entering office life, it may take some readjusting. Looking after the well-being of your team has just as much to do with their physical health as it does their productivity levels. In fact, studies have shown a person’s physical and mental state has a direct correlation with how much work they’re able to accomplish. Ensuring they stay on track, and that they’re happy and healthy while doing so, is key. This is how to encourage employees to be physically active in the workplace. 

Launch a Health and Wellness Program

Creating an active work environment starts by making physical fitness a part of your workplace culture. This way, your team knows what to expect and you can help them better achieve their goals. Your plan could include a variety of things such as committing to bring in healthy boxed lunches or hosting more fitness-related events for team-building. While you can’t force them to put more effort into their physical health, making it a part of the workplace environment is the best way to get them to take an interest.

Provide Active Work Resources

You can also encourage employees to be physically active by supplying them with simple resources to stay active at their desks. Products such as balancing boards and standing desks have become incredibly popular in recent years for their ability to keep employees on their toes. These devices allow them to continue working while also getting their blood flowing through low-intensity movement. As a result, they’ll start seeing increased energy levels throughout the day and may even strive to get more done.

Purchase Ergonomic Office Seating

One of the most important things you can do to make your office a healthier place is provide your team with ergonomic seating. Poor posture and uncomfortable desk arrangements both contribute to back pain and poor circulation. Because of this, moving around can become uncomfortable for certain members of your team. By giving them ergonomic office furniture with the proper amount of support, such as our pre-owned Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Size C, you’re keeping them comfortable and fostering higher amounts of energy.

The health of your team is vital to increasing productivity and sustaining overall happiness in the work environment. At Rework, we strive to provide only the best quality, new and refurbished seating for your office space. Our used meeting room chairs go through a full inspection and have been repadded to ensure the most support for each individual, helping them avoid pain and maintain an effortless desire to get up and move. If your company is in the Chicagoland area, visit our Chicago showroom (now open Saturdays!) for an up-close view of our new and affordable, refurbished office chairs.