How to Ensure Your Reception Area Leaves an Impression

Dec 21, 2022

A reception space is often the first interaction office visitors have with a brand. This area can even be seen as a direct reflection of a company’s capabilities. When first glancing, potential clients and new hires quickly scan the space and make assumptions based on what they see. Because of this, it’s vital that a reception area is thoughtfully designed so anyone visiting the office has a positive experience. With a bit of strategic planning, you can ensure your reception area leaves a positive, lasting impression. We’ve gathered a few items to keep in mind as you think about designing this space.

Put Your Brand Front and Center

Upon entering the office’s reception area, visitors should see prominent branding taking center stage. Not only does this showcase company pride, but a well-branded office exudes a sophisticated, professional vibe. Potential clients will feel good about working with a company that takes branding so seriously. When planning for logo placement within a reception area, make sure you display it with maximum visibility in mind. Take care to work with an experienced team to ensure signage is installed appropriately.

Maximize Your Floor Space

When mapping out the reception area, make sure floor space is maximized. The reception area will receive a fair bit of foot traffic each day, so embrace compact furniture and keep decor streamlined. Incorporate technology to replace appointment reminders and client files. Embracing electronic billing and reducing the need for stored paperwork makes it easier to maintain a safe and straightforward traffic pattern.

Install Stylish and Beautiful Flooring

In addition to keeping the floor open for visitors to walk, it’s important to pay special attention to the flooring installed within the reception lounge. When chosen carefully, flooring can add to the overall design and aesthetic of an office, complementing the overall atmosphere. The right material can also be practical and save hundreds in repairs down the line. Due to the number of people walking through this area, you’ll want durable flooring such as hard-wearing carpet or vinyl tile. Both options can add a new layer of visual depth to the space while keeping the room easy to clean and functional.

Showcase Your Company Colors

When designing a reception area, make sure to include company colors within the design when possible. Whether it be along an accent wall or in several smaller pieces of decor, using the corporate color palette is a great way to incorporate branding within the design. When consistent colors are used throughout a space, visitors will begin to associate a particular color with the company. Don’t feel limited to only using the company colors in designing a space. Peppering in the corporate color scheme here and there, along with other complementary colors, will create a cohesive, memorable look.

Incorporate an Eye-Catching Reception Desk

Another effective step to ensuring your reception area leaves an impression is selecting the right furniture. Reception desks are an essential piece of any waiting area as they ground the space and are usually the first thing visitors see. Many companies choose to install something a bit smaller and less obtrusive to save space and not distract from other areas within the reception room. Balancing what works with the overall design of the office while selecting something attention grabbing is the key to finding the perfect reception desk.

Take a Biophilic Approach with Decor

When potential clients sit in a reception area, it’s crucial that they have something to look at. Adding tasteful decor such as framed art, company awards, or industry-specific items is perfect for tying the look of a space together and showcasing a company’s unique personality. Biophilic designs are particularly effective for their calming natural elements, such as plants, fountains, and natural wood elements. Outdoorsy decor helps soothe the mind and promote positive mental health, making it an effective option for taking the stress out of a waiting room.

Furnish with Comfortable Seating

As you start looking for reception area seating, prioritize pieces that promote optimal comfort. Seats with poor support can lead to lower back and neck pain after a certain period of time, dampening the overall visitor experience. Finding ergonomically designed reception seating can help maintain visitors’ posture, giving them the support they need to avoid aches or pains. Even spending a short time in a comfortable reception chair will add to the overall visitor experience within the office. Rework has a large selection of ergonomic chairs perfect for reception spaces.

Cater to Your Visitors’ Needs

Above all, make sure to include some unexpected amenities so visitors are comfortable while spending time in the reception area. This could be as simple as regularly refreshing the magazine racks or keeping coffee pods and bottles of water handy for a quick refreshment. A selection of healthy snacks and extra charging cables are two added bonuses that take minimal effort but have maximum output. Visitors will appreciate these added touches, which can ultimately result in winning some extra business.

At Rework, we make it our mission to ensure that reception spaces are a reflection of your business’s unique personality. With the help of our office furniture reupholstery services, we breathe new life into used furniture. Our group of tenured designers can help you furnish an entire reception area with functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture. Our team of space-planning and design experts works with each client to create a dynamic, functional layout that works for each unique project. Reach out to us today to get started. We can’t wait to help!

How to Ensure Your Reception Area Leaves an Impression