How To Get the Most Out of Your Conference Room

Dec 14, 2020

Your company’s conference room is a hub of creativity, innovation, and, most importantly, collaboration for the entire team. So why not give it a design that reflects and encourages these values in all who walk through its doors? We’ve compiled a list of tips for getting the most out of a conference room and solutions that’ll help you make the most of this space.

Promote Full Collaboration

The collaborative process is what makes conference rooms so helpful at generating ideas. In fact, from the seating arrangements to the shape of your table, each detail should be strategically planned to facilitate easy interaction between employees. This is the best way to ensure that everyone can not only freely share ideas, but that they can do so effectively in a larger group. Some methods to do this could include using a rounded table for optimal communication or carefully placing seats so the entire room can be seen.

Make the Room Comfortable

It’s also vital that you make the room comfortable for your team to spend time in. After all, we tend to generate some of our best ideas when we’re feeling physically secure and positive. Since the bulk of your meetings will be spent sitting down, you should pay special attention to the quality of your seating. Regardless of whether these pieces are new or refurbished, it’s always possible to find furniture that provides the right amount of support. One example is our pre-owned Herman Miller Aeron chairs that are fully sustainable and offer the perfect amount of back support.

Maximize Your Space

Make sure as well that you’re doing all you can to increase the amount of useable space within your conference room. While these areas never seem to be as large as we need them to be, things like reducing clutter and implementing a strategic furniture arrangement always make a difference. Therefore, taking the time to map out your new conference room with a team of Rework’s professional designers can greatly enhance the room’s overall usability.

Get Creative with the Aesthetic

However, ultimately, getting the most out of the conference room design process is a chance to be creative and have some fun with the aesthetic. You never know what arrangement or color scheme might be the most productive for your team. So, try getting them involved as well and see what brilliant ideas you can all develop. This way, you can create a space that’s unique to your brand and the individuals that contribute to its success.

Though there are several potential mistakes to avoid when designing a conference room, keeping them in mind can greatly improve the quality of your finished product. So, don’t be afraid of this process. Instead, use it to plan for your business’s future and yield an endless list of benefits for your whole team.

If you’re looking for high-quality, refurbished furniture to outfit your conference room, Rework has everything you need. Check out our selection of stacking chairs, whiteboards, panels, and used conference tables for sale to get ideas, or reach out to our experienced designers for assistance.