How To Improve Your Reception Area Environment

Jan 13, 2023

It’s no secret that a quality reception space can make or break the office experience for both employees and guests. From the overall atmosphere to the smaller details that tie this room together, each aspect influences the office experience—and it’s crucial that you keep things as current as possible. While many business owners devote their efforts to updating technology and furniture within the general workspace, it’s important to spend some time reassessing your reception space as well. This way, you can ensure that everyone gets what they need from the time they walk in your door. We’ve compiled a list of how to improve your reception area environment and why it’s important to make these changes.

Why Upgrade Your Reception Space?

Once you design a reception area that works for your team, it’s common to think that the space will continue working as intended forever. However, this simply isn’t the case. Just like other rooms in your office require regular updating to perform at their best, so does the reception environment. Over time, technology evolves, and aesthetics go out of style. So, finding ways to occasionally revamp everything will keep things functional and fresh for both your guests and employees. Remain vigilant when assessing your reception space. Also, routinely check in with employees who most frequently work in this space to ask for their input on what you can do to improve it in the future.

Ways To Improve Reception Experience

What you can do to improve your reception area environment will depend greatly on how your current space looks and operates. But there are still several common ways to freshen up the area for a more enjoyable and accommodating experience. Here, we’ll dive into some methods for making these spaces more effective for both visitors and reception staff.

For Your Employees

Employees who work in the reception area have a particular set of needs to remain productive at work. As such, it is important that you start with assessing what does and doesn’t work in their environment and strive to make these resources more effective. Here are some examples of simple updates you can make to ensure those working at the front desk are supported at work.

Purchase a Larger Reception Desk

Receptionists handle many appointments throughout their day, and all of these visits require detailed record-keeping. Many are surprised to learn that receptionists actually need larger desk spaces with ample room for writing, typing, and storing paperwork. Reception desks can also make a very powerful initial impression, add visual interest and even ground the space by setting a design tone for the entire office. So, if your receptionists tell you that they’re running out of space, take this feedback seriously.

Reserve a Space for Deliveries

Receptionists are often responsible for accepting and unpackaging any deliveries that your office receives. Depending on the order, this can take up a lot of space and infringe on their working space. Reserving a spot for accepting and processing deliveries can keep everything sufficiently organized and ensure that you never have any unsightly boxes within sight.

Better Ambient and Task Lighting

Lighting can play a large role in influencing the functionality of your reception space as well. While many choose to keep their reception area dimmer to foster a calmer environment for guests, it’s important to note that receptionists often have heavy workloads. Upgrading to brighter ambient lighting will improve efficiencies and create a better working environment for these employees.

For Your Guests

Office visitors are another major demographic you’ll need to cater to with reception spaces, and their needs can also change regularly. By staying current with your reception space and making regular updates, you can keep guests comfortable. When the reception area is comfortable for visitors, they’ll have a positive impression of your business. These are some ways you can make a difference in their visit.

Provide Free Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

When a guest needs to wait several minutes in the reception area, surfing the internet is a great way to pass the time and make them feel more comfortable. Free Wi-Fi demonstrates to your guests that you’re interested in meeting their needs. Offering complimentary charging stations can go a long way in keeping guests patient and happy.

Offer Updated Reading Material

Updating reading materials can make for a better reception environment for those who don’t want to look at their phones. Outdated magazines and newspapers only add to the clutter and set the tone that your office space is also out of date. Consider including various business digests, a local paper, and even some interesting magazines featuring your city to give guests a nice variety to choose from.

Play Atmospheric Music

Atmospheric music can be very impactful as well. After all, silence during longer waits like these can be awkward for both visitors and receptionists. Background music sets an inviting tone and gives individuals something to focus on. The kind of music you select can make a huge impact on how visitors feel while visiting your office. For example, playing soft classical music can reduce anxiety. Opting for current hits can send the message that your business is also current and upbeat. Or maybe you wish to remain neutral and include some soft, instrumental music without any words. Think carefully but have fun with music selections.

Stylish and Comfortable Seating

Most importantly, you need to upgrade your reception seating when older furniture starts showing signs of wear and tear. Visitors want to see a sleek and stylish reception space. Torn, stained chairs convey just the opposite. In addition to stylish models that match your aesthetic, make sure to also include comfortable, ergonomic pieces. Since discomfort can ruin the atmosphere of your reception space, keeping everyone properly supported in their chairs should be a top priority.

No matter how effective your current reception space is, there is always room for improvement. At Rework, it’s our mission to help businesses refresh and revamp their office spaces for improved comfort and a welcoming customer experience. Our collection of used office guest chairs offers plush and comfortable seating for any office visitor, as well as quality styles indicative of top industry brands. Additionally, we provide specialized office redesign services for entire workspaces, including the reception area. Browse our products in person at our Chicagoland showroom, shop online, or give us a call to talk with our planning and design team.

How To Improve Your Reception Area Environment