How to Organize Furniture in a Shared Office Layout

Aug 30, 2021

To promote optimal focus and productivity in the workplace, you need a particular level of cleanliness and organization. A well-flowing environment can have a substantial impact on how you and your team complete work each day. This is especially the case when you conduct your business in a shared office setting. Read on to learn how to organize furniture in a shared office layout so that you can increase its effectiveness and make the very most of each minute on the job.

Maximize Storage

One of the first things you should prioritize during the organizational process is minimizing clutter. After all, clutter doesn’t only keep individuals from walking through their work environment; it also distracts them while they’re trying to get things done. Among the best ways to make the office neater is to maximize the number of storage containers and the amount of space you have. With more filing cabinets, shelving units, and compact desk spaces, fewer items will remain in the direct line of sight.

Promote Clear Traffic Flow

When organizing furniture in a shared office layout, it’s also important that you consider how traffic typically flows through that space. Depending on the size of your team, many individuals make their way through the office each day. As such, they must have the ability to reach their destination promptly—and without the risk of running into objects or other people. To do this, take note of where your high-traffic areas are. Then, arrange your furniture pieces so that there’s a clear path through them. You should follow this line of thinking with all your office furniture, including reception area seating, desks, and lunchroom tables. You can also call a professional design team like Rework to assess these locations and find a solution for you.

Create Private Areas

Another useful organizational strategy is to build private rooms or workstations into your office design. Not every member of your team can focus with a regular amount of traffic moving through their space. Because of this, having private areas as an option can allow them to achieve the quiet and focus they need to be productive. Make sure that you place these stations away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office. This way, individuals will have better control over their immediate work setting.

For more advice on how to organize your shared office furniture, you can reach out to Rework. Our planning and design team will assess your business’s needs for your office space and help you develop the perfect plan for maximizing its usefulness for your team. We go the extra mile to make ourselves a one-stop shop for everything your office space could ever need.