How to Transition to a Blended Office

Mar 9, 2021

Though the workforce has slowly begun the process of returning to the office environment, many states are still mandating that individuals continue to work remotely if possible. This has sparked an increasing need for companies to adopt blended office practices. As a setting that accommodates both those working in-person and at home, these mixed practices can ensure that everyone has the resources to perform their roles. This is how to transition to a blended office effectively and better meet the new needs of your team.

Control the Number of People Returning to the Office

Firstly, make sure you’re regulating how many people can be in your office space at a given time. This will ensure that everyone has the appropriate amount of space to stay safe and that each individual can use their workspace as they wish. You can choose to do this by only letting certain departments come back at first or by selecting individuals who feel they work best out of the home.

Perform Regular Team Rotations

Properly transitioning to a blended office space should also involve occasionally rotating groups of employees between the two locations. So, after one group works in the office for a few days, try sending them home and bringing some remote workers back. This will help keep everyone on your team involved with office happenings and provide them with a professional structure for at least a part of their workweek.

Promote In-Person and Online Communication

During this time though, you should be finding ways to keep communication a top priority as well. Since your office populace will be split, you’ll need to utilize additional strategies, such as Rework’s new virtual meeting backgrounds, to professionally convey plans and ideas to both parties. This could be through video conferences or occasionally checking in throughout the day. No matter what you choose to do, making sure that your entire team remains on the same page is the key to success.

Use Blended Office Furniture

You may even want to change up your furniture and overall office layout to make social distancing a simpler task. Blended furniture refers to pieces that can be adjusted to suit both an open and closed office style. Specialized office workstations are one example of this, as they come with dividers that allow you to block off certain work areas from others. This not only allows your in-office employees to maintain their privacy but also provides long-term solutions to continue best workplace practices.

At Rework, we understand that these unprecedented times have called for several changes in how we work in the office. This is why we’ve set out to provide only the best pieces of furniture for promoting productivity while ensuring businesses can adhere to social distancing guidelines. Our used office workstations for sale have been carefully refurbished and tested. They comply with workplace needs and specifications, providing your office environment with functional, stylish, and safe furniture solutions.