Important Tips for Keeping Your Workstation Organized

Dec 29, 2021

When it comes to maximizing your productivity at work, the overall state of your workstation determines your success. Sustaining an organized and hygienic space to work is vital to keeping you focused and healthy (especially considering the pandemic.) So, as you’re making the transition back into the office environment, use this as a chance to set yourself up for optimal performance. Here are some important tips for keeping your workstation organized and safe so you can do just that.

Keep Extra Storage Nearby

Firstly, incorporate as much storage into your working area as possible. From paperwork to common equipment and supplies, everyone keeps a lot of different items at our work desks. Fortunately, modern office workstations come equipped with ample space for additional filing cabinets and other storage solutions. So, you can easily keep everything you need within arm’s reach and maintain a distraction-free desktop. These areas are also perfect for storing additional cleaning and sanitizing materials to reduce the risk of illness and keep yourself healthy.

Use Mobile Filing Cabinets

Using portable filing cabinets is also an important tip for keeping your workstation organized. While many individuals perform their roles from their assigned desks, there are times where you’ll need a change of location to accommodate a project. Mobile filing cabinets are equipped with quality wheels or casters. They can move throughout the office with you, ensuring that everything you need comes along with you. This increases the flexibility of your workspace and guarantees you always have the tools you need for certain tasks.

Equip Workstations With Dividing Panels

We also recommend setting up dividing panels around your workstation. These products allow you to maintain a level of privacy, making it easier to keep your items separate from others working near you. With the additional concern of COVID-19 in the office, dividers also work to limit physical interaction and hinder the spread of germs.

Elevate Your Computer Monitor

Ergonomic workstation solutions can also help keep your space organized. Adjustable computer arms make it possible to raise and pivot your screen as you need, allowing you to maintain your comfort in the process. When these tools are raised, they have the additional benefit of making room on the surface of your desk. With more space comes more opportunity to arrange your supplies effectively.

Rework’s team of planning and design specialists understand the importance of maintaining a clean and organized environment for your team. We’ll work with you to ensure your office space is one your team will feel safe returning to.