Is Your Office Ready for Furniture Installation & Delivery?

Feb 10, 2022

Professional office furniture delivery and installation are some of the best services you can use to upgrade your office space. These services save you time, yield higher quality results, and are the best way to preserve your team’s productivity during the process. As such, they’re always a worthwhile investment when it comes to making some much-needed furniture changes. However, if you’re going to make the most of this time, it’s vital that you know whether your office is ready for furniture installation and delivery. Here are some steps to ensuring delivery day goes smoothly.

Clean and Organize Your Office Space

First, clean and organize your office for the occasion. Furniture installation involves quickly maneuvering in and out of your work areas, and tripping hazards can make this difficult for everyone involved. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you clear pathways to and from the designated installation sites. Do your best to keep them free of debris throughout the entire process.

Create a Designated Drop-Off Area

Creating a designated drop-off area for furniture delivery is very helpful. This can be your reception area or another place within the office itself. Having this marked-off space and communicating with your delivery team ensures everything stays out of the way. Drop-off points also streamline the delivery and installation procedures, making the entire process move faster and finish much sooner.

Communicate With Your Project Manager

Another way you can ensure your office is ready for furniture installation and delivery day is to coordinate with your professional project manager. Whenever you work with an installation and delivery company, an assigned project manager will oversee the project. This person organizes everything from the shipping of your selected pieces to when you want it to arrive. They also take care of where you want each item placed. It’s vital that you discuss organizational details with them prior to their visit. They’ll also provide you with additional insight into how you can prepare your office ahead of time.

Temporarily Move Your Team if Necessary

Depending on where you want your new furniture items installed, you may need to temporarily relocate your team’s workstations. Understanding this in advance will allow you to effectively move your team elsewhere and maintain productivity on both fronts. As such, don’t wait until the day before to start planning out how you want the delivery and installation process to look.

Rework offers all-inclusive office furniture delivery and assembly services for our clients. Whether you need help with the logistics of shipping or putting your new pieces together, our industry experts will work with you to ensure a job well done. As such, we’re the best available resource for helping you design your new office space and furnishing it to meet your needs.