Knowing When It’s Time for New Office Furniture: 5 Signs

Dec 16, 2019

Some business owners put off buying different office furniture, thinking it’s not a value-adding expense—this is to their detriment. Here’s their thought process: the desk still holds pens, paper, and a phone, the chair still rolls across the floor, and the cabinet drawers still open, so there’s no problem. However, modern office spaces have different needs and layouts to accommodate the digital workforce, so adapting and changing with that space is good for business. Knowing when it’s time for new office furniture means you have an eye on growth.

You’re Hearing It From the Team

Employee morale is an important thing to keep a close tab on. Sitting in the same old budget furniture year after year can hurt the team’s morale. Old furniture that was designed without regard for ergonomics drains employee productivity and enthusiasm over time. Workers spend as much time at work as at home, so make them comfortable.

The Office Feels Archaic

Having old office furniture that predates Microsoft is okay if you are filming episodes of Mad Men. The furniture in a company’s office speaks volumes about the culture and atmosphere they promote. If it’s outdated and cheap, it speaks to how they view their employees and their comfort. Updated, modern furniture makes the company look like an industry leader that’s at the forefront of everything and concerned about how they present to the world.

Patchwork Doesn’t Work

Continuity might seem trivial in the office, but if you want good feng shui and organic flow, start with matching furniture. Furnishing an office piecemeal with cheap chairs and desks gives the wrong impression about the business. An eclectic mix of furniture looks cheap and gives the feeling that the office is an afterthought. There should be a central theme in the office, so the company looks organized with a clear vision.

You Need a Branding Reboot

An office is more than just a collection of practical furniture; it forms the opinion that your customers and competitors view you. Your company is your brand, and every aspect of that brand needs to come through in every facet. If you want to recreate your company’s image and brand, start with the front office. Make that new branding the foundation for what your team does every day, so they believe in it and represent it.

The Furniture is Analog

Today’s business world relies on technology to conduct daily activities and promote efficiency and speed in a digital world. Not all office furniture, however, is tech-friendly. Old desks might lack something as simple as a cutout to run cables. The typical computer workstation today has at least ten cables that need somewhere to go. Cables bunched together on the desk create clutter and make the workspace look messy. Updating to tech-friendly desks promotes a cleaner, more efficient space. If you need an affordable update to your office, Rework LLC has the best blended solutions for used office equipment in Chicago and all over the country.