Office Furniture Renovation: Repair and Recycle

Nov 16, 2021

There’s more you can do with your old office furniture than you think. Believe it or not, simply throwing these items out is one of the most wasteful methods to deal with them. As such, we encourage businesses to think outside the box. That’s why office furniture renovations have become more common recently. Rather than tossing old furniture into a landfill, companies are opting to repair or recycle items. Read on to learn more about office furniture renovation and your options to repair or recycle pieces.

Furniture Repair Services

To begin, furniture repair involves identifying the damaged or undesirable parts of a particular piece and putting in the work to correct them. Often, this involves replacing faulty parts or even giving the item an entirely new look to accommodate your office’s aesthetic.

Why Repair Office Furniture?

Traditionally, business professionals want to purchase new furniture pieces rather than devote the time and resources to making repairs. However, broken chairs or tables are rarely damaged severely, and all it usually takes to give them a new lease on life is a few new components. Because of this, repairs can help save your company money and even make these items more accommodating for your team in the future. This is especially the case for ancillary and training room furniture, as these items experience a lot of use and, therefore, suffer a lot of wear and tear.

The Benefits of Reupholstery

Choosing repair over disposal can even help make these items a better fit for your office’s overall style. After all, just because a piece looks old and worn, it doesn’t make it any less functional. Sometimes, all it needs is some fresh padding and a modernized fabric to tie neatly into your brand’s look. Reupholstery services like the ones we offer at Rework work with you to determine your needs for the item and ensure the finished product meets all your expectations.

Furniture Recycling Services

Recycling your office furniture, on the other hand, is the process of turning your old, broken pieces into something functional again. This could mean taking parts from your furniture to use in other projects or giving them to a recycling facility for them to properly melt down the usable materials. Either way, recycling is a great option for businesses that want to have a positive impact on the environment.

Why Recycle Office Furniture?

Just because a piece doesn’t fulfill its original purpose anymore, it doesn’t mean that it can’t become something else. Thousands of pounds worth of office furniture finds its way into landfills every year, and recycling is the best way to reduce your business’s impact on the environment. Recycling also allows you to make space in your office without needing to dispose of these items yourself.

Reasons To Decommission Your Office Space

The decommissioning services from Rework help clear out your office space by collecting your old furniture pieces and transporting them to the proper recycling facilities. Some of these items undergo refurbishing, and others receive the proper recycling treatments. This way, nothing goes to waste, and your office is ready to use new furniture.

If you’re looking to renovate your office furniture with repairs or recycling, you’ll need premium services on your side. Rework offers top-notch reupholstery and decommissioning services to correspond to your needs for your older furniture items. We also sell refurbished training room furniture to ensure you always have the pieces your office needs.