Office Layouts That Encourage Employee Collaboration

Mar 2, 2022

Collaboration among your team is an essential part of maintaining productivity and innovative growth in your business. Though many professionals can come up with great ideas on their own, it often takes working with multiple minds to refine a concept into something most effective. As such, the way you choose to design your office space is critical to incorporating this aspect and maximizing the benefits you gain from these interactions. These are some of the top office layouts that encourage employee collaboration to consider during your redesign.

Open Office Floor Plan

First and foremost, highly collaborative offices tend to possess an open floor plan. Characterized by their lowered desk barriers and larger appearances, open environments make it easier to see one another. This promotes more social interaction by establishing eye contact and removing the need to travel to talk to a neighbor. Along with fostering increased amounts of cooperation between team members during projects, open floor plans also help improve your company culture by integrating social interaction.

Designated Meet Points

Meet points are also a useful tool in establishing greater amounts of collaboration in your office environment. A more modern premise, this trend takes small, once ignored break or seating areas and turns them into effective places to freely share ideas. Meet points could consist of a bench in a hallway, a cozy nook with a table, or even a café built specifically for your team. They’re incredibly accommodating, and you can fit them into your office in any way you deem most effective.

Group Project Accommodations

Another office layout that encourages employee collaboration includes a series of quiet group settings. Group projects are a regular occurrence in any type of business, so having the reserved space to effectively talk about the task with team members is a must. In many cases, this means incorporating a series of conference rooms with the proper noise cancellation. This way, your team can talk without distraction or interruption. It’s helpful to build meeting spaces of different sizes too to better suit the needs of specific groups.

Comfortable Social Areas

Including several comfortable social areas can help with collaboration as well. Much like meet points, these areas are great for quick conversations and sharing ideas. However, they’re a bit more accommodating to your official break times. Equipped with ergonomic furniture and plenty of tables to congregate, these places work wonders for developing relationships among the team. As such, individuals become more comfortable with communicating and, therefore, sharing their thoughts.

We at Rework understand the vital role collaborative office environments have on a business’s overall success. As such, we offer premium office space planning services to help you make the most of it. Our team of professional office designers will directly work with you to determine the best solutions for your space. We’ll also aid you in acquiring everything you need to make that vision a reality.