Office Storage Room: Safety and Practical Design

Aug 31, 2021

Your team uses lots of tools and resources throughout the day, so of course, they need somewhere to be kept. Storage rooms are a great way to hide this clutter away and maintain a clean workspace for everyone to enjoy. However, creating a practical storage room isn’t simply a matter of throwing everything into one area. This is how to create a safe and practical design for your office storage room and a few important tips to follow.

Maximize Your Vertical Space

Storage spaces are notoriously closed-in and cramped. So, if you’re going to fit everything you need in them, it’s vital that you take advantage of the areas along the walls as well as the floor. Stackable filing cabinets and tall shelving units both make better use of the space by allowing you to store lighter things higher up. This leaves enough space for things on the floor and for you to move around them. Rework has an array of different filing cabinets; some taller to embrace vertical functionality.

Invest in Compact Storage Containers

Make compact storage solutions a part of your storage room’s design. Even when using your wall space, you may still find yourself without enough room to place things. Compact furniture pieces such as storage bins or wardrobes provide a lot of interior space while minimizing their footprint on the floor itself. As such, they’re the perfect option for making use of every nook and cranny.

Place Heavier Items Near the Back

Another key step to creating a safe and practical design for your office storage room is to plan your arrangement with heavier objects towards the back. Building an effective storage room is about carefully planning out where major components will go before you put them there. Doing so allows you to maintain a quality walking path around items and increases the safety involved when looking for things. So, if you aren’t sure where to begin with this process, reach out to Rework and our planning services can help you out.

We at Rework believe that every business should have access to the orderly and productive office space of their dreams. As such, we work hard to ensure each of our customers obtains just that. Our experienced team of planning and design specialists work to create the perfect layout for your new office. Then, our stock of refurbished office furniture will help make this vision a reality. For more information about our products or services, give us a call or visit our showroom in the Chicago area.