Popular Office Design Trends in 2021

Jun 14, 2021

Businesses are constantly evolving to grow, retain talent and cultivate meaningful corporate identities. One major trend we’ve seen in 2021 is placing a greater importance on facilitating productivity and employee wellbeing. Even small tweaks can keep employees happy and successful. Here are some popular office design trends for 2021 along with ideas for incorporating them within your workplace.


Sustainability is a vital part of the modern business. Whether it’s in going paperless or using fewer resources in manufacturing, every practice makes a large impact on the environment. As such, we continue to see an emphasis placed on these efforts in 2021.

Rework is no stranger to sustainability – in fact, our entire business was built upon it. One huge trend in 2021 is a heightened focus on incorporating environmentally friendly practices within the workplace. From encouraging employees to use reusable containers for lunches to enforcing a double-sided print rule, there are many small changes offices can make that have a huge impact on the environment.

More companies are opting to refurbish older furniture with good bones rather than purchasing brand new. When a mix of preowned and new furniture is carefully curated, a truly custom aesthetic is achieved. Working with an expert like Rework can streamline the process of incorporating refurbished furniture.


It’s also becoming more popular to incorporate ergonomic office furniture within workspaces. Defined as the study of human comfort and optimal positioning, the goal of ergonomic alignment is to keep individuals healthy and productive. Proper seating can help reduce the frequency of aches and pains in the neck, back, and even the wrists. Businesses are taking the initiative to invest in their team’s well-being which results in happier, more productive employees.

Introducing customizable workstations is another way ergonomics are being leveraged within the workplace. Providing employees with a choice of extras such as computer stands, adjustable task chairs, monitor arms and height-adjustable desks ensure everyone remains healthy and comfortable. There’s no better way to show you care about your team other than investing in their health. Consider purchasing items that have been preowned and expertly refurbished, which are available at Rework and ready to ship.


Flexible workspaces allow employees to choose how they want to get their work done. Layouts that are customizable with multiple configuration options will work for a variety of different employees. Examples include an open seating arrangement to promote collaboration, partitions to create quiet zones for focus and comfortable lounge furniture sprinkled throughout the office so folks can get comfy.

Consider leveraging smaller task tables and maneuverable chairs that can be placed together for ad hoc meetings. By introducing flexible work zones, a more collaborative culture is cultivated. Employees are happier and more productive when they feel comfortable at the office.


Another popular office design trend in 2021 to be on the lookout for is the introduction of healthier office layouts. Each workstation should include a variety of cleaning materials such as wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Programming each desk with a small tray or cart filled with supplies will ensure each employee is able to maintain a sanitary workspace.

Offices are also placing a greater importance on avoiding the spread of germs by rearranging furniture to ensure there is less clutter. A streamlined office layout is easier to keep clean and tidy. Moving furniture so there is a clear flow of traffic ensures that employees have enough personal space, and the cleaning crew can easily provide a deep clean on a regular basis.

Integrating outdoor spaces is becoming a more common practice as well. Furnishing accessible outdoor areas like terraces or workplace rooftops allow employees to get fresh air whenever they need it. This is a great way to address concerns with indoor air quality and ensure everyone is comfortable in their work environment. Even mid-door spaces, which are a hybrid of indoor and outdoor work areas, are becoming more desirable as a way to give workers additional options.


With new technological innovations being made every day, it’s only natural that these devices would also find a home in many modern office spaces. Technology allows us to streamline how we perform certain processes, making them much quicker and taking some of the work off the individuals on your team. This makes it that much more important to find ways to effectively incorporate these advancements into our office designs.

From new computer monitors to improved Wi-Fi and video conferencing capacities, each of these things requires specialized placement within an office. As such, furniture with sleek access ports and adjustable frames are becoming more useful as business technology continues to develop. With these items in the office, it’s much easier to both maintain and update your equipment—saving your team time and money in the long-run.

It’s also a trend to subsidize employee work from home solutions with the proper workspaces. In having access to more accommodating work equipment and furniture at home, these employees can better communicate with their peers. Technology-conscious design can even strengthen a company’s overall culture by forging new connections with the team.


After everything 2020 threw our way, there is a greater emphasis placed on promoting a friendly and collaborative workplace community. It’s no secret that offices where employees can develop strong relationships with one another tend to be more productive. Fostering a sense of belonging instills confidence and promotes personal growth throughout the workforce.

There is an increased priority placed on team-building activities and group settings. When employees feel connected to one another, they are able to easily collaborate on work-related activities. Incorporating casual events such as team lunches, theme days, office yoga and contests are just a few ways you can easily bolster community within the workplace.

At Rework, we seek to provide products that demonstrate several of these beneficial design trends. Visit our Chicago showroom or contact us to learn more about what our products and services can do for you.

Popular Office Design Trends in 2021