Reasons You Should Brand Your Office Space

Aug 25, 2022

It’s commonly known that marketing and branding are important aspects of attracting both new customers and quality employees. But there’s more to branding than what you see on social media and television. When implemented within office design, it can be extremely effective. While many businesses overlook the power of effective branding, it’s proven to play a vital role in the overall success of a business. Since it affects both internal teams as well as prospective clients, branding is super important. Rework has rounded up several key reasons why you should brand your office space and what you gain from doing so.

Results in Visual Consistency

Maintaining a consistent visual image for your company is crucial for fostering brand recognition amongst customers and within the industry. As a business grows, logos and color schemes become a core part of a company’s identity. Creating a clear connection between a brand and its service or products can go a long way in remaining consistent with messaging for both customers and employees. If your business has multiple offices, keeping the branding similar between different locations will make customers feel they’ll get the same level of service no matter which location they visit.

Provides Clear Brand Messaging

Incorporating a brand within an office’s overall design is a great way to seamlessly convey the key parts of a company’s mission statement and messaging to visitors. Whether it’s a logo or a sprinkling of company colors throughout the interior design palette, when prospective customers contemplate doing business with your company, it will make them feel confident they are making the right decision when they see a clear link between your business and your brand. Branding and messaging along the doors and reception walls can also clear up any potential confusion around a business’s products and services. When a company is clever enough to weave branding within office décor, it also sends a loud message that they care about details.

Establishes the Best First Impression

When done well, incorporating branding within interior design makes a great first impression on prospective clients. Clients will often equate the quality of design within a company with the level of expertise and professionalism they provide. Unbranded offices are boring and can even look disjointed. When a business has no focal point, it’s hard for visitors to form a connection. The vibe becomes more energetic and positive when a brand’s logo and other aspects are front and center. And as the saying goes, you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Shows You Care

Prominently displayed branding shows clients how proud a company is of its offering. If a company cares enough to ensure branding is pertinent throughout the office, customers will feel assured the same level of care is put into the service they receive. An upbeat design will instill excitement in existing employees and potential candidates and can even become a retention tool. Another way to demonstrate that a business produces excellent results while fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment is to display awards within the waiting area. Take it a step further and record a few client testimonials to play on screens in the waiting area or main workplace floor. Visitors and employees will see for themselves exactly how happy past clients are. These little added details are a very strategic way to complement your office design and add to the overall experience.

Improves Loyalty

Probably the most crucial reason why you should brand your office space is to show your team how much you care about important, subtle details. From a clean logo to look at every day to branded desk spaces, a uniformly designed office will make employees feel connected to their employer and teammates. As a result, brand loyalty will skyrocket, and productivity may even increase. Believe it or not, branding is a visual representation of your company’s culture. When employees associate their company’s brand with positive things, turnover decreases, and you’ll retain the very best talent.

Encourages Creativity

A branded office will also encourage creativity within the workplace. Many find it hard to focus when bland walls and a completely silent workspace. But with a bright and colorful design to call your own, employees feel compelled to explore their creative side and brainstorm ideas with one another. The lines of communication are improved when employees feel energized by colorfully branded offices. Rework’s team of tenured designers even recommends office branding as a way to build team morale and make business meetings in conference rooms more engaging.

Increases Productivity

When employees are surrounded by a cohesive, clean design that incorporates their company’s branding, productivity levels will rise. A thoughtfully designed workspace can help increase employees’ focus during long workdays. When encouraged to collaborate freely, productivity levels also increase. Providing a comfortable office space makes employees feel happy at work; they can funnel all energy to their jobs rather than dwelling on feelings of angst or discontent. Specific branding can even add an element of personality to your office’s appearance, making it easier for individuals to relax and destress when needed. A bright and happy office is more fun to work from than something drab and boring.

Provides a Competitive Edge

Branding an office ensures that customers and candidates don’t confuse you with your competitors. Finding ways to stand out is vital to gaining a competitive edge in a highly competitive job market and doubles as a way to attract customers. Every detail counts—even something as seemingly minor as how an office looks. When done well, office branding encourages visitors to think about your space long after they leave.

If you’re looking to redesign your office space, Rework is here to help. Let our team of tenured professionals turn your office design dreams into a reality. We provide everything from full-scale office remodels, planning and design, furniture installation and delivery, and even decommissioning services. We have a variety of preowned and brand new furniture available—from workstations, reception area chairs, and conference room seating—in stock and ready for local pickup or nationwide shipping. A large variety of our furniture can even be personalized to add elements of your corporate color palette within the fabric selection. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next office branding project. We can’t wait to turn your vision for the space into a reality.

Reasons You Should Brand Your Office Space