Rework's 9-point Refurbishing Checklist

Nov 20, 2018

While many of us don’t often consider this, the chair we sit in at work has the power to make our day either enjoyable and productive or uncomfortable and distracting. When the chair that you spend nearly eight hours in every day wears down and stops providing comfort and support, you’re inevitably also distracted from work since you’re too focused on your back pain.

This problem is unfortunately far too common, but easy to fix for Rework. Offering full-service resources from brand new furniture to office designers, Rework is an expert in taking lived-in furniture (such as that office chair) and bringing it completely back to life. How do they do it? Check out our refurbishment checklist below, and see how Rework helps you say goodbye to dilapidated, uncomfortable office furniture forever.

1. Examine the seat and back foam and replace if necessary. For anyone who has ever experienced the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” position because the back of your chair was so flat it concaved, you’ll know exactly why this step is important.

2. Touch up the chair back and frame. Remember those little pieces of plastic you noticed falling off the back of your chair? If yes, then this is the time for the Rework refurbishing team.

3. Check base mechanism. What good are all of these functions if you can’t use them? Checking the tilt, rise, and tension functions make sure you chair gives the essential support it’s capable of.

4. Clean and check casters. In the same way that you can’t have a beautifully stable three-tiered cake without a rock solid base, you also can’t have a stable office chair without reliable wheels. And, if you’re doubly lucky, you’ll have a slice of cake along with you while rolling in your freshly refurbished chair.

5. Reupholster seat and back. New fabric feels great and protects that new seat and back foam. And no one wants to sit in an ugly or visibly worn out chair. Need I say more?

6. Vinyl wrap armpads. Unless you want to bring your office chairs back in six months because the armpads wore out, this step is one that can’t be underrated or overlooked.

7. Check arm mechanism. You don’t want the base mechanism rising and falling at exactly the wrong moment, and you don’t want the arm mechanism changing its height and angle. Especially during that important meeting, putting all eyes on you.

8. Check cylindrical function. Let’s just be honest, there’s nothing more embarrassing than a meeting with a chair that keeps sinking. The way to avoid this scenario? Connect with Rework’s refurbishment team who can help bring you up in no time.

9. Touch up chair base. No chair, no matter how refurbished and upgraded, is ready for its debut without the bottom looking as professional as the top. And since top to bottom refurbishment is exactly what Rework specializes in, your office furniture couldn’t be in better hands.

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can save you time and money by sourcing the best furniture for refurbishing and give your office the look and feel it deserves. For more information on office furniture, industry trends and to stay in touch, please follow Rework on Twitter and LinkedIn.