Rework's Dynamic Duo Crowned (re)spell Champions!

Sep 22, 2018

I am very excited to announce that Rework’s own Stephanie Lyons and Terry Cray won the 2nd Annual (re)spell Spelling Bee! (re)spell was sponsored by (re)group – a community of industry volunteers, set forth on a mission to creatively connect communities.

The Rework team had a hard fought fight against 11 other teams from within the A&D community. Each round was a real nail biter as the Rework gladiators rose to the challenge, and one by one the other teams fell by the way side. The final round came down to a sudden death (re)spell tiebreaker in which the Rework team had to identify a building and name at least one of the architects that worked on the building. The winning answer was the Auditorium Building – Louis Sullivan.

The grand prize for their noble effort was - two tickets to Art Basel in Miami FL and airfare. Rework is going to match the prize for both Stephanie and Terry so that they can each take a guest to the show.

Please join me in congratulating both contestants. They put on a great show and were great ambassadors for Rework. The announcer must have said the Rework name at least 20 times throughout the night as Steph and Terry continued their advance from round to round. 

(re)spell is (re)group's way of ringing in the academic year by bringing professionals together to get geared up for another year of (re)fortify! We gathered on the steps of Marshall's Landing and listened to teams of designers, architects, and industry professionals put their spelling skills to the test as they went head-to-head for the honor of calling themselves SPELLING BEE CHAMPIONS! You can find more information about (re)group at