Signs it’s Time to Replace Office Tables and Seating

Jun 9, 2021

Office furniture is a vital component in the overall function of an office. The right furniture promotes comfort and encouragement for getting through long workdays. But even the highest quality pieces eventually need to be updated, and it’s important that you replace or refurbish worn furniture before it starts impacting your teams’ performance. Here are some key signs to be on the lookout for so you know when it’s time to update office tables and seating.

Tears, chips, and squeaks

When office furniture is several years old, a tune-up or replacement is inevitable. Torn cushions, chipped corners, and squeaky wheels are all to be expected with items that are heavily used. Neglecting to update worn furniture will eventually have an impact on the overall aesthetic of your office. Office visitors—such as important clients—will have a poor first impression if the office they’re entering is in need of some updates. Employees can also be negatively impacted by shabby furnishings. Productivity, workplace happiness, and even employee well-being are all adversely affected when surroundings are subpar. Our specialists can identify whether your furniture should be refurbished or if it’s time to purchase something new.

Impacted workplace productivity

If your team is struggling to collaborate within certain areas in the workplace, it could be a sign that it’s time to consider replacing items such as office tables and seating. Every piece of furniture within an office’s footprint should be functional. Take inventory of each item and ask whether employees are using the furniture as intended or if it is simply collecting dust. Consider donating or refurbishing pieces that aren’t serving a purpose. The Decommissioning Team at Rework is always on standby to help offload furniture that isn’t being utilized. It could be that your furniture simply needs a tune-up, and if this is the case, consider refurbishing older pieces with good bones. Exploring benching workstations is another great way to update and maximize an office’s footprint. Small tweaks to a floorplan can have a huge impact on usability.

Complaints of discomfort

Employee comfort is crucial in the workplace because it boosts productivity. Desk chairs are a common culprit for causing discomfort because, over time, seating can lose support, causing back, neck, and shoulder strain. Take a casual poll by asking employees what their comfort level is after a long day at work. This is the easiest way to get a read on whether updates are necessary. More importantly, employees will know you care about their well-being, which goes a long way in boosting morale and creating a strong corporate culture.

If you need updated seating, consider working with an ergonomics specialist like Rework. Many clients find that offering employees a choice of seating ensures everyone gets the support their unique body requires. Rework’s sales professionals are available to provide input on which options are best suited for each customer’s unique needs.

Reach out to Rework to get a head start on replacing old office furniture today. We are here to help transform your office into a space where employees are excited to work. With a huge inventory of expertly refurbished pieces—many even available for quick ship—you’ll be well on your way to creating a healthy, happy workspace.

Give us a call or visit Rework’s Chicago showroom to find the perfect furniture updates for your office.